Why Your Local Business Needs a Blog

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business-needs-blogEveryone’s heard of blogging, and in fact these days you probably read multiple blog posts a day, on mainstream websites like Huffington Post, Politico, CNN, and more. However many local business owners in Texas and beyond have not yet started their own company blog – even though running a blog for your small business can have huge marketing benefits.

Why are many local business owners staying away from blogging? Many people might simply not have the time. Others might want to get started blogging, but aren’t sure what to write about or even how to publish a blog online.

However, other business owners might still not be convinced of the value of blogging. Before you can get started figuring out how to blog and what to write, first you’ve got to agree that blogging is worth it! In this post, we’ll cover 3 important benefits of blogging for local business owners in Texas.

  • Blogging is Great for SEO. Google loves to see unique and fresh content on a website. It’s a sign to Google that your business is real and active online, and this is a great quality signal for your site and brand in general. Additionally, each post you write opens up new opportunities for keyword targeting and rankings. A website with a strong backlog of unique blog posts has a huge advantage over a basic “brochure” website with just a few pages of information.
  • Blogging is Great for Conversions. Many people who are new to web marketing might forget – getting someone to visit your website is only half the battle! Once they’re on your site, you’ve still got to convert them into a customer. Blogging helps you do this, by allowing you to communicate with your visitors that you are an authority on your industry. Having a regularly updated blog also shows potential customers that you care about your brand and are willing to invest in educational content for your audience.
  • Blogging is Great for your Brand. To really stand out online and in general, your business needs to have more than a storefront – you need a brand. That means having a name, logo, and personality that customers recognize beyond just “that local store”. Blogging is one of the best ways to display your unique personality and brand to the world. By using your blog to post real unique and personal content about your business and your team, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd of other businesses that just have generic content online.

By now, hopefully you’ve got some appreciation for how important blogging is, and how it can help your business. Now all you’ve got to do is get a blogging platform online, and start writing! If you’re looking for help developing a blogging or content marketing strategy, the Tech-Critic team can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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