January 28th – Data Privacy Day - Tech Critic

January 28th – Data Privacy Day

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Protecting Your Personal Information Online Should Be a Priority

January 28th – Data Privacy Day - Tech CriticThe way the world communicates and spreads information has drastically changed over the last several decades. With the invention of the ARPANET, the predecessor to the internet, and the eventual introduction of personal computers into the homes of millions across the world, the old ways of sharing information have been replaced by quicker means of communication. The world has become almost primarily digital. People use the internet for virtually every aspect of their lives. From helping students in school and employees with their work to communicating with family thousands of miles away and shopping, the internet has taken priority in the lives of millions.

With the internet and the digital realm dominating the lives of most people on the planet, the amount of private information online is virtually limitless. People live online now. From personal details to banking information, almost everything about you exists somewhere in the digital world. While having all your information in one space does seem convenient, it can be equally as dangerous.

Your data is always in danger of breaching or attack. Unfortunately, this puts your entire existence in danger. Thankfully, there are forces at work with the sole purpose of protecting your privacy. Furthermore, Data Privacy Day, recognized annually on January 28th, was established with the goal of empowering people to make a concerted effort in protecting their privacy, controlling their digital footprint, and ensuring everyone makes data protection a priority.

Tech Critic understands the importance of ensuring your online presence, protecting your privacy and data from anyone with malevolent intentions.

The History of Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is only a little over a decade old, first beginning in January of 2008. The United States and Canada adopted the day following the Data Protection Day that was frequently celebrated throughout Europe. Following the January 28, 1981 signing of Convention 108, which is the first legally binding international privacy and data protection treaty, Europe established Data Protection Day to celebrate this accomplishment.

On January 21, 2014, U.S. Congress adopted S. Res. 337, which expressed support for the designation of January 28th as National Data Privacy Day.

Data Privacy Day is led by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), which is a non-profit, public-private partnership with the sole purpose of ensuring the cybersecurity of all online citizens while spreading knowledge about protecting your online presence.

The goal of Data Privacy Day is to boost awareness of protecting your privacy and data online. The digital data of consumers, organizations, and government agencies all over the country is in danger of attack.

The NCSA spends the entire year educating consumers about the importance of taking ownership of their online presence, while simultaneously showing organizations how beneficial privacy is to their businesses.

Data Privacy Day aims to inform consumers how websites and apps collect, store, and use your information. The hope is that more users and businesses are more proactive in their data protection.

How to Celebrate

NCSA and Data Privacy Day hope to empower consumers to take ownership of their online presence. The more information you share about yourself or loved ones publicly online, the greater your chances of falling victim to identity theft, cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying, and more.

There are many ways you can celebrate Data Privacy Day on January 28th and throughout the year, including:

  • Protect Your Personal Info Like It Was Your Money: All information has value to someone, from your shopping history to your location. Do not share this information with just anyone. Be very careful about who has access to your information.
  • Think Before You Post: Social media has plenty of benefits that consumers and businesses can both take advantage of. However, it can also get you in trouble. Consider what your posts may reveal about you. Think about who may see it now and in the future. Consider putting your social media profiles on private to limit the number of people seeing your posts.
  • Own Your Digital Presence: Most websites and apps provide you with the chance to alter your level of information sharing. Take extra time reviewing what information is shared on a site or app and adjust it to your comfort level.
  • Create Strong Login Information: Whenever you create an account for any site or app, you must create a strong username and password. Even further, turn on all of the strongest authentication tools available, such as biometrics, security questions, one-time codes, and more. You should use a strong password to secure all your devices.
  • Keep Your OS Up to Date: All of the software on all of your devices should be kept up to date to ensure that none of your data is lost nor falls victim to malware or viruses.

Spreading Knowledge 

Throughout the entire month of January, the National Cyber Security Alliance encourages you to educate yourself on the importance of owning your online presence and protecting your digital data. They hope to empower millions across the country to spread information about the dangers of not securing your online information.

The NCSA will be hosting a Data Privacy Day Event Livestream to “delve deep into the global wave of regulations and what they mean for economies around the world today and into the future.” Through their livestream, they will be educating the public about protecting your online presence.

Even though Data Privacy Day isn’t celebrated until the end of the month, NCSA urges you to spread as much privacy information as possible, whether it be at your place of work, school, home, church, or anywhere else.

The internet has changed the way we share information and data forever. While it is far more convenient to communicate with one another, the dangers the online realm presents are ever-present. On Data Privacy Day, take the necessary steps to protect your digital presence and personal information. Educate your peers about the importance of protected privacy. Tech Critic understands the importance of protecting your data, and we are here to help.

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