It’s All About Quality Over Quantity When it Comes to Content

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Quality-over-quantity-content-digital-marketing-Dallas-TexasWe all know how important good content is to promoting a brand and growing their audience base. While many writers get paid per word or based on a specific word count, industry experts are now saying that brands can benefit from encouraging excellent quality work over meeting a certain number of words per article. This is due to numerous factors, namely that our attention spans are getting shorter and we respond better to short, concise pieces (most of the time). In the past many digital marketing companies were looking for keyword-specific, long-form content. Because of this, content writers were accustomed to “stuffing” blogs and articles with keywords and doing everything they could to meet the 750-1000 word count requirement. While there is certainly nothing wrong with longer blogs, articles, and content pieces in general, the fact of the matter is that this practice harms the quality of the piece.

It is no secret that digital marketing and SEO specifically are changing in a major way. This is because of numerous outside factors, including a new audience looking for information on-the-go. Because of this, digital marketing agencies have begun shifting their focus from hard word count requirements to the quality of the piece. With this, Google and other search engines are continuously updating their algorithms, placing much more importance on user experience and relevance. Google cares about the user and is dedicated to enhancing their search experience by highlighting brands and companies that don’t keyword stuff, but actually provide quality information.

What This Means for You

According to a recent survey, the majority of visitors on your website make it about halfway through a blog post before moving on. Some may skim to the bottom, but most people read the first couple of paragraphs and that’s about it. This is a huge revelation – as it means some 500 words of many blog posts are going to waste. Furthermore, more and more people prefer visual aids and interactive content over the ol’ written word. So, how much content is too much content, and what should your target word count really be? Even though research indicates that many people lose interest after about 250 words, we know that that is simply not enough to get your point across. But there has to be a happy middle place, right?

One of the first things you should do when trying to determine the right word count for your purpose is think about the platform. These days more and more people are using their mobile devices to shop, browse the internet, read articles, discover new information, and so much more.

It is important to focus on giving them what they want and being unique with your content. Excellent content isn’t about hitting a specific word count every single time you write, it’s about providing readers with With this in mind, mobile users probably aren’t going to see a 1000+ blog to the end. Research shows that blogs and articles that stick around the 500-550 word count mark perform best, whereas desktop users often stick around for a couple more hundred words, depending on the article.

Keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean that your content should always be shorter on mobile and longer on desktop. Again, it’s all about the quality of the work and how the article is constructed. Different audiences have different intentions when they click a link and start to read a blog. Relevant, unique information in an accessible and interesting manner. Want to learn more? Contact Tech-Critic, Arlington’s leading digital marketing agency, today.

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