iPhone 6S Plus Review – 3D Touch is the New Thing

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Since our unboxing, we’ve had time to check out Apple’s latest iPhone – the 6S Plus. I detail in the video the differences and similarities, some of which are surprising. 3D Touch is not only the biggest change for me, but I think it is for smart-phone use in general. Even as primarily an Android user, this 3D Touch is impressive and not just something that can be added on without the right technology. The benefits of doing the 3D Touch is very apparent, and adds another layer of functionality without digging through settings. When normally holding down on an icon in either ecosystem allowed functionality to move said icon around, the actual force of the touch makes the difference.

One main reason I’m an Android user is because of the way I can modify the user experience to work for me. iPhones are generally closed in that regard. But now, instead of launching the Android Camera and then switching to video or the front-facing camera, with the latest iPhone, I can press hard enough to open a contextual menu to get straight into any function I choose.

This part is what people have to train themselves to do – force-pressing instead of holding down. But I think it will come natural. So natural, that I think every phone manufacturer will implement this into their hardware and software. I could be wrong, but for me personally, it’s a game-changer to my workflow. In the video, I show the 3D Touch functionality and how it works.

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