Instagram Ads and Why you should be using them

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Social media marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to digitally market your brand, and for several reasons. Out of most of the digital marketing strategies, it is one of the ‘easier’ strategies to implement, and it’s definitely one of the more inexpensive routes. But today, we’re going to be focusing on Instagram, so let’s get to it. Instagram has about 700 million active users daily, so pretty much everyone and their dog is on it… literally. Digital marketing and social media have opened a whole new world for businesses to spread their brand, and it’s pretty incredible if you ask me.

Quite frankly, it’s actually pretty crazy that this type of marketing opportunity even exists. When you think about it, the expense of television ads for a business is so high that it’s really hardly something a small to even a medium size business would consider financially, but now, with social media platforms such as Instagram, the power is in your hands; and with the growing numbers, you can reach about the same size audience, but with even more customization and niche targeting. You are able to specify your location, demographics, interests, and set up custom audiences in order to achieve seriously customized market reach. So, if this incredible platform, with so many users, is sitting right there at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you utilize it?

The truth is, the majority of people these days get most of their information from digital platforms, whether it be the news, business reviews, or online shopping, so much of it is done on an online platform, and Instagram is one of them. Since Instagram introduced advertising, it quickly grew, and doubled to an active 500,000 advertising users in just six months. Whether you want to promote a photo or a video, or even reach the 250 million users on the stories feature, the digital world is at your fingertips. With Instagram’s built in analytics and insights, you can track the success of your posts, ads, stories, viewers, followers, etc. You can increase your clicks, your views, your reach and frequency, your product sales, mobile app downloads, and more. Although, Instagram does give you most of the tools you need, the problem for some companies is knowing how to use them; which is why many businesses are turning to a social media marketing agencies in Dallas, and of course other cities surrounding, for their expert opinions and help.

Not only does Instagram have a large number of users, what makes it so special is that Instagram has some of the highest engagement rates amongst the various social media platforms. They are also known to have a significantly higher ad recall. One of the reasons people engage so much with brands on Instagram is because Instagram is all about personality, and as for brands, it’s about brand personality. By becoming relatable and having content that is so easy to process [pictures], it makes things really easy and enjoyable for the users.

With so much to know and practice for each individual social media platform, it can get a bit overwhelming. While successful social media marketing requires time conscious efforts as well as high quality strategizing, many companies are turning to the experts. If you are interested in growing your business, you may be in search of a social media marketing agency in Plano, or in other cities in the DFW area. Well, today is your lucky day, because you need look no further. Here at Tech Critic, we are an excited and innovative group of experts who want to help you discover your potential as a business. Head over to our contact page today, and let’s get started!

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