How Your Business Can Capitalize on the Pokémon Phenom

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Pokemon-Go-Phenom-Help-your-business-Arlington-Texas-Digital-Marketing-Agency.jpgUnless you live under a rock, you are likely aware of the Pokémon Go Phenom. Like it or not, this mobile game has taken the nation by storm and is absolutely impossible to ignore, especially if you are a local business owner. You may be wondering how some mobile game applies to your business marketing campaign – don’t worry, we will get to that soon. Before we do, however, it is important to understand what, exactly, Pokémon Go is and why small business owners should be paying attention. While there are certainly more pressing matters in our nation right now, there is something to be said about the popularity of Pokémon Go and what is means for our society as a whole. The augmented-reality mobile game is now the most popular mobile game of all time, beating out Angry Birds and the likes.

In case you are in the dark about this captivating game, here’s a quick refresher: Players move throughout the real world, hunting for digital Pokémon with the end goal of capturing him. According to statistics, just one week after its launch, Pokémon Go was downloaded on twice as many phones as Tinder, has double the engagement of Snapchat, and is being used on a daily basis even more than Twitter. So, what does all this have to do with your business? Many business owners have caught on to just how popular Pokémon Go is and what a great opportunity it provides to drive traffic and implement creative marketing strategies. Because the game is geographically based, there are numerous ways you can bring in local players to your brick and mortar business and hopefully turn them into paying customers.

Let’s now take a look at a few ways you can use Pokémon Go to your advantage and to grow your business and bring in a whole new audience:

  • Host a Lure Party or Become a Pokéstop

You may be wondering what the heck we are talking about, but just stick with us for a minute. One of the top ways businesses can get involved and make money on Pokémon Go is to host a lure party or become designated as Pokéstop. While getting picked as a Pokéstop is pretty much luck of the draw, there are ways you can still make money and bring in people if your business happens to be near one. First off, download the app to see what locations are designated Pokéstops near you then purchase something called a lure (it’s only 99 cents). By buying multiple lures, you will be promoting your lure party and start to be recognized by players. Try doing something interesting and useful to make your location more attractive to players, such as offering coupons or specials when your lures are active.

  • Step Up Your Hashtag Game 

Pokémon-Hashtags-Tech-Critic-Social-Media-Dallas-Texas-Digital-Marketing-AgencyThese days finding success on social media is all about the hashtags you use, and this is no different when it comes to Pokémon Go. Even if you aren’t hosting a lure party or a Pokéstop, you can post content related to the game with the help of very specific hashtags that will help people find you on social media. Some examples of extremely popular hashtags that should get you noticed by local players include #Pokémon (an obvious one) and #Pokémongo.

  • Promote on Social Media

Pokémon Go can also be used to increase your visibility on social media, if done right. Along the same lines as one of the above points, try promoting specials or coupons for Pokémon players. Another idea is to encourage your customers to take a screenshot of Pokémon in your place of business and then post it on social media. Once they do this, they will get $5 off a meal or purchase, or something along those lines.

To learn more about how you can use Pokémon Go to help promote your business and bring in traffic, contact Tech-Critic today. As social media and digital marketing experts here in Arlington, we are prepared to help guide you and ensure you are doing everything you can in favor of your business.

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