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How to Use Chatbots To Generate Holiday Leads

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How to Use Chatbots To Generate Holiday Leads | Tech Critic DallasWe live in a day and age that people turn to the internet for nearly all of their needs. During the holiday season, people are especially dependent on the inter-web to fulfill all of their holiday duties. That is why it is so important that you are on top of your game when it comes to digital marketing in Dallas this winter.

A large majority of people do almost all of their holiday shopping online, while they also turn to the internet for digital Christmas greetings, as well as planning and booking holiday vacations, and so on. Many businesses customer-service lines find it difficult to keep up with all of the traffic, questions, and messages. Luckily, chatbots are here to save the day.

Interacting with consumers has become an important part of marketing, which is why chatbots are so great. The millennial consumer demands convenience and chatbots help provide that convenience. It is important to have a multifunctional chatbot that is ready to either help answer your customer’s questions or work as a direct sales channel. This holiday season, you are likely pulling out all of your promotional tools to draw customers in, suggest gift ideas, offer holiday specials, etc. So here are some tips as for how to utilize your chatbot to help you generate the holiday leads you desire.

Give your chatbot [holiday] personality

Regardless of the time of year, it is important to give your chatbot a bit of a personality. No one wants to feel like they are speaking to a robot or a computer, so make sure they don’t by sprucing up your chatbot’s “characteristics”.

Ensure your chatbot is ready for the holidays, and incorporate that into the tone and feel of the conversation, for example, saying something along the lines of, “Happy holidays!” An important note is that although you want your bot to have a bit of personality, don’t try and trick your visitors into thinking the bot is a human, which will likely end up confusing or disappointing them.

Have your chatbot give gift suggestions

Very often people wander around online having no clue what to buy for their loved ones. This is where you swoop in with your bot and give them suggestions. Have your bot offer to help with gift suggestions and incorporate questions such as:

  • Who are you shopping for?
  • What are his or her interests?

Utilize imagery

Humans, in general, are very visual creatures. Consumers love imagery as it just makes things easier for them. Adding visuals to the chat will help attract the consumer, give them quicker and better understandings of things, and help them decide on gift ideas. For example, your bot can show images of the most popular products for kids, wives, husbands, etc.

Use Call-To-Action buttons

One of the most important marketing strategies to implement in your chatbot is the call-to-action. Use these buttons to lead your customers to certain product or service categories, the checkout page, sharing a page with a friend on social media, etc. You want to go about implementing the right call-to-actions very carefully as it can be a leading factor in reaching your sale’s goals this holiday season.

Implementing the right tactics is extremely important to ensure the success of your chatbot to consumer interactions. Proper implementation of your holiday marketing ideas is vital for success. While holiday campaigns can be a bit overwhelming, many businesses are turning to the help of the professionals for their marketing in Dallas. Here at Tech Critic, our team of digital marketing experts knows what it takes to grow your business and we want to help. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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