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How To Spice Up Your Social Media This Halloween

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How To Spice Up Your Social Media This Halloween | Tech Critic DallasAny holiday or celebratory event that comes along during the year is a great excuse to spice up your social media and bring in traffic. Now that it is October, it means that fall is upon us, and Halloween is coming up. Halloween is a great holiday for marketing on social media. It’s a time to get creative and have fun with your followers. A lot of people go crazy for Halloween, from October 1st, the decorations come out, the costume planning begins, and the party invitations are sent. Make your audience happy this October by participating in the Halloween festivities.

Check out these festive tips to spice up your social media this Halloween:


When we say decorate, we mean digitally and physically. Regardless of your line of business you can decorate your “store front”. If you have a physical address, get into the spirit by adding some stylish Halloween decorations. However, now-a-days, with so much shopping and business taking place solely online, your store front may simply mean your social media accounts.

Take some fun festive pictures to post according to your content calendar. You can change up your color scheme to really make an impact. Post photos with the various Halloween colors, from orange, to black, to purple, and so on. Whether you are posting photos of your merchandise, employees, customers, or various Halloween graphics, the most important factor to always remember is to make sure your photos are high-quality. In the digital world, high-quality content translates to a professional, trustworthy, and legitimate brand.

Devise some festive interactive contests on your social media accounts

Interaction from your audience on your social media accounts is always vital for success and should ultimately be a goal with all of your campaigns. Holidays and events give you a great excuse to develop various contests and get some follower participation and interaction.

Host a costume competition, pumpkin carving contest, or tasty Halloween treat competition and see what your audience comes up with! Make sure to make the prize worth your audiences’ participation and let them know you will be announcing the winners on or the day after Halloween.

Offer a seasonal discount

The people love discounts, and it is a great way to gain new customers/clients. Within your Halloween social media campaign, let your audience know that you will be offering a seasonal discount this spooky month. One-day sales work great during these types of campaigns, for example, offer a 20% discount on your goods or services on Halloween only.

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