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How to Market Your Business for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Offers Your Business Plenty of Marketing Opportunities

How to Market Your Business for Valentine’s Day - Tech CriticAs we progress further into 2020, we are approaching some important holidays. One such on the horizon happens to be Valentine’s Day. V-Day is a holiday often synonymous with romance and celebrating intimate love shared between two people. People buy each other flowers, chocolates, wine, meaningful cards, giant teddy bears, and so much more. While Valentine’s Day is a time to cherish and celebrate that special someone in your life, it also provides your business with special opportunities.

As with all holidays, there are certain ways you can market your business for Valentine’s Day. Whether people want to admit it or not, many people love this holiday. Some people just enjoy celebrating love any way they can, whether it’s with a significant other, a close friend, or a family member. Because Valentine’s Day is well-liked by many people, it would be irresponsible for your business not to take advantage of the marketing opportunities V-Day presents.

Tech Critic is here to help you market your business this Valentine’s Day with some useful tips and tricks.

Run 2-for-1 Deals

Like we stated earlier, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with celebrating the love shared between two people. Since this holiday is all about couples, wouldn’t it be a fun idea to run two-for-one specials at your business? Once you find a product or service at your business that you can run a “Buy One, Get One Free” deal for, write ad copy for it that plays on Valentine’s Day and being coupled up. Some several different words and phrases can be used to make your copy more fitting for the romantic holiday.

Send Out Romantic E-Mails

Many businesses around the world understand how important emails are to their overall success. After all, about 80% of retail professionals reported that email marketing drives the greatest amount of customer retention. E-mail marketing has proven to be very profitable, as well. For every $1 spent, email generates $38. Include holiday themes into your email subject lines and messaging. Always be sure to mention Valentine’s Day by name. Use words that mention love, romance, couples, and other V-Day related words and phrases.

Don’t Forget Singles 

Just because Valentine’s Day is often seen as a holiday for couples doesn’t mean you can forget about single people. After all, data from the General Social Survey show that about 51% of young people ages 18 to 34 reported not having a steady romantic relationship. That is a large number of people you would be leaving out if your marketing messaging only focused on couples. Just like you would send messages out targeting couples, you should do the same with singles! Offer deals that apply to everyone, regardless of their relationship status! Point out how your customers can enjoy this holiday while single with the help of your product.

Add Romantic Imagery on Social Media Accounts 

Social media is one of the best ways to keep in contact with your customers and any potential customers. Help get your followers into the Valentine’s Day spirit by transforming your social media accounts for the holiday. Include colors like red, pink, and purple to match the holiday. Include imagery synonymous with the holiday, such as roses, chocolate, hearts, champagne, and more. Make sure that any images created for your social media accounts are consistent with any Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns you have running at the time.

Ask Your Followers for Their Best Love Stories

Improving your engagement on social media should be a priority for every business. Social media is a powerful tool every marketer should be using regularly. One of the easiest ways to boost engagement is by asking your followers to share some of their best Valentine’s Day experiences. Even further, just ask them to provide their best love stories in general. Maybe it’s about their first date with their spouse, their best V-Day dinner, their best V-Day while single, and more. To boost the level of engagement you receive, offer your followers an incentive. Offer a prize for the best story. It can be either a free product or service. These incentives have proven to help businesses improve their engagement on social media.

On the opposite side, you can also ask people to include their worst date stories, as well. This makes sure you don’t alienate those who aren’t celebrating the holiday in a couple this year.

Encourage and Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness 

While Valentine’s Day is a holiday for romantic love, it doesn’t always have to be. Encourage your followers to engage in random acts of kindness this holiday season. These random acts of kindness are a way to spread love throughout the world. When your followers share their stories, repost and celebrate them.

While you ask your followers to engage in kindness, your business can do so, too. Find a charity that you respect and enjoy and commit a donation to it. Take a company outing with your employees to volunteer your time to a homeless shelter or community center. These tasks don’t all have to be big either. They can be as simple as buying everyone in your office coffee or cleaning your house for your partner. Repost some of your favorites to spread the love.

Create a Last-Minute Gift Guide

Even though Valentine’s Day is on the same day every year, people still let the day sneak up on them. They often wait until the last minute to go shopping for their significant other. Always keep this in mind. Create a last-minute gift guide for all those people who forgot to buy their partner a V-Day gift in advance. You should always include your products and services in your guide to encourage customers to buy from you. Never include businesses that are your direct competitors.

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching. While couples tend to revel in this holiday, your business can also enjoy a plethora of benefits if you properly market your business on V-Day. If you would like to learn more about how to market your business year-round, give Tech Critic a call today.

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