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How to Improve Engagement on Social Media

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Social Media is a Powerful Marketing Tool

How to Improve Engagement on Social Media - Tech CriticMany businesses are beginning to realize the importance of social media to increase their digital presence and success online. They see the benefits it has when it comes to spreading brand awareness and generating new leads. However, they may not be getting the results they expected. Brands can constantly post on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and receive little to no engagement.

A lot of brands underestimate how important engagement is for the success of their business. After all, there is nothing good about spewing information and content into the void if there is no interaction between you and your audience. The content just sits there and gets lost in a sea of posts.

You must move from simply putting out information just to put it out. You should create a one-on-one channel of communication between you and your audience. When you interact with your audience more consistently, then you will improve the level of your engagement.

What is Social Media Engagement?

It’s first important to define what your goal is. What does engagement mean?

Essentially, engagement is when a user interacts with your social media account. It can mean they like a post, follow your account, share your post, leave a comment, retweet, or click-through your posts.

As long as a user is completing one of these tasks, they are engaging with you. However, it’s important to remember the most important part of social media: being social.

Yes, you want your audience to engage with your post, but your brand should also be engaging back with them. This helps build a meaningful relationship between your brand and a consumer.

Improving Engagement

Creating engagement is not as easy as it would first seem. It takes a lot of effort and a well-designed plan to be successful. Improving your engagement goes a long way when it comes to increasing brand awareness and building a loyal following. This helps improve traffic and overall profits. Tech Critic is here to help you learn how to improve your social media engagement.

Ask Your Audience Questions

One of the best ways to get your audience involved with your content is by asking them questions. We aren’t talking about a question like “How are you?” or “Where are you from?”

After a post, ask for your audience’s opinions on the subject. Users enjoy thinking things through, and, more importantly, they want others to know what they think. Let them give their opinion. This may eventually spark an active discussion between others in the comments, sparking more engagement.

Ask them questions about:

  • Their opinion on a topic.
  • Quizzing them on relevant information.
  • Create a poll. Include an “other” option, letting them answer in the comments.

Any questions along these lines will get your audience going and keep them more engaged.

Keep Your Content Unique

This is important. If your content isn’t unique and could be found anywhere else, why would a user interact with your account? Unique content in itself is engaging. It is different from the rest of social media posts, which makes it stand out.

It is also important to remember that just because you are an expert in your respective field, your audience may not be. Avoid using industry jargon. Make sure it is easy to understand for your audience. Social media users are not interested in deciphering the information you provide if it is overly complex. The more interesting and understandable your content is, the more likely it will be shared.

Also, utilize a strong headline. You want something that provides enough information that entices a user’s interest, persuading them to click. Fill them with action verbs and keywords. Also, do not use clickbait. You leave a bad impression on an audience if you trick them.

Utilize Multimedia 

One of the most important aspects of increasing engagement on social media is by utilizing multimedia. This could include images, infographics, or videos. Your audience is less likely to stop scrolling for a wordy post than they are for a video or picture. Here are some stats to prove it:

  • Posts on Facebook with an image get 3 times more engagement than those without.
  • Organic engagement on Facebook is higher with posts that include videos (13.9%) and photos (13.7%).
  • When a Tweet has an image, it receives 150% more retweets than ones without.

Images and videos draw the attention of your audience, increasing the chances that they retain the information you provide in that media. Instagram and Snapchat are two platforms that thrive off of visual storytelling.

One of the best ways to increase engagement is by showing images of people using and enjoying your products. You can even ask other followers to share them using your product or services with a picture or video. This will show other users that your brand can be trusted.

Offer Incentives

People love to play games. They love competition. A great way to boost engagement on your social media accounts is by offering incentives in your promotions. You can offer a valuable prize, small surprises, or a free product or service from your business. You will be surprised how even the smallest of offers can attract more interaction.

Ask your audience to leave a comment, like the post, share or retweet the post, or give a reason why they should win. Encourage them to leave an image as well, which coincides with the previous tip. Make sure to include an eye-grabbing image or video to stop users from scrolling past it.

Make the First Move

Social media should be a one-on-one conversation. That means your audience can respond to you, AND you can respond to them. This is crucial.

There are two approaches to this: reactive and proactive engagement.

  • Reactive Engagement: This just means that you answer any messages, comments, or direct mentions to your business’ social media account. You are simply responding to your audience.
  • Proactive Engagement: This means you make the first move. Countless individuals are discussing your brand that aren’t directing their comments directly at your account. You can search for indirect mention of your brand, misspellings of your brand, and any relevant keywords or phrasing that pertain to your brand. Then, you can respond accordingly.

By making the first move, you increase trust and loyalty. 77% of Twitter users have a more positive feeling towards a brand when they are replied to. If the service goes well, 76% of consumers will recommend a business to a friend.

Social media is one of the greatest assists of any digital marketer. It allows you to increase brand awareness, build a loyal following, and boost revenue. Simply posting on these sites can only get you so far, however. The only way to see true benefits is by improving the level of engagement on these sites. Tech Critic has helped countless business find new and engaging ways to improve audience interaction. Contact us to learn how we may be able to help you.

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