How to Create the Perfect Landing Page for Your Campaign

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It is extremely important for your landing page to be attractive to its viewers. This page will be the first they see of you; therefore, it will be one of the first impressions they have of your brand. Your page’s particular aesthetics and incorporated themes will be dependent on what your campaign is all about, and there is no exact formula that can be conjured up to make your landing page across-the-line perfect; But, there are some really important things to keep in mind and some great tips that can be applied to generally any landing page, regardless of the campaign.

Can you see me now? …Headlines

The headline will most likely be the first words your viewer will read, so make it count. ‘Verbalize’ your headline in a way that will draw them in, gain their interest, leave them wanting more, and give them an idea of what they are there for. As for your secondary headline, keep it relevant. Have it there as complimentary information to your opening statement (main headline). One of the most important things to keep in mind, in really all aspects of your page design, is consistency. As they say, consistency is key [don’t they?]. In any case, it’s important here. With text, themes, colors, images, etc., it’s important that you and your reader are on the same page [pun intended]; meaning, consistency makes it easier for your viewer to understand your content, and therefore, continue reading/viewing your content.

What are you talking about? …Text

So what about your text? And no, we don’t mean the SMS message you just received on your smartphone… We mean the textual content of your page. First things first, keep it simple and easy to navigate. Let’s admit it, humans are cognitively lazy [psychologists say so!], and they want to be able to get to the point without having to read a novel of useless or confusing text. Keep your text relevant and keep it simple and to the point. It’s important to not have too lengthy of a landing page, large amounts of text are overwhelming to a viewer and will likely turn them away. Also, make sure that the various headlines on your page make it super easy for your viewer to navigate. Remember the ‘Z’ pattern… Our eyes tend to follow information based on the pattern of a Z. From top left to right, down to bottom left, to right. Remember the Z, channel the Z, be one with the Z.

Oh, and one of the most important rules? Exemplify impeccable grammar. A viewer will make an immediate judgment of your brand if they think you were too lazy to even proof read your landing page.

Extra tip: A great incorporation for landing pages are ways to let your viewer know you’re worth looking at, by letting them know they can trust you. Include testimonials, guarantee seals, press mentions, security certifications, etc., to ensure your user that they aren’t wasting their time reading some scam.

“Hey you, over there with the eyes” … A strong call to action (and other buttons)

Remember when we said how important navigation is? This also goes for your call-to-action. Make sure you make it plain and simple for what a viewer should do next… Gently tell them what to do. Right next to your call-to-action button, should be a conversation button. Make it stand out and easy to see and click.

A picture is worth a thousand words… Images

Like mentioned before, people like things to be easy. What makes understanding easier? Pictures. Compliment your textual content by helping your viewers with a visual. Only use high quality images. Remember to keep it relevant… and what was that other one? Oh, yeah, consistent.

Do what you’re told… keep it above the fold

The section of the landing page that exists without a viewer having to scroll down, is one of the most important parts of the page. Make sure to put your most important and relevant content here – things you want them to see and know first. But don’t get too crazy stuffing it all in here, no one likes clutter.

Baiting the hook… qualifying the prospect

Another important quality of your page should be that it attracts the right audience. Ideally, you would want your landing page to filter out unqualified prospects and generate interest from an audience that is consistent to your ideal customers. You need to make sure you position your messaging in a way that attracts the right people. Ways to do this are by adding the starting price, or, taking a more subtle approach, and using higher-level messaging that is coordinated to connect with the right consumers.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…

It’s important to test out what works best with your users and viewers. Run tests, and switch things up to see what generates the most success.

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