How Can the Super Bowl Help Drive Traffic and Engagement to an Organization’s Website

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How Can the Super Bowl Help Drive Traffic and Engagement to an Organization’s WebsiteBright stadium lights, screaming fans with ice-cold brews, blaring speakers and some pigskin. ‘Tis the pinnacle of the NFL season- the Super Bowl. With Super Bowl Sunday a few days away, we close the 2015 chapter of our country’s favorite sport in the high school, collegiate, and professional level. The Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos paired with 114,000,000 wide-eyed viewers and counting. Either you’re going to be one of the lucky fans watching at Levi’s Stadium or watching on the big screen, it will be a glorious day. The Super Bowl is the holy grail of advertising and unparalleled marketing techniques. It’s not a question of if the Super Bowl could help drive consumers to an organization, but in what way.

Who’s your pick to win the Super Bowl this Sunday?

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If Super Bowl parties aren’t your forte, you could always air it solo on CBS while binge eating hot wings. Maybe you don’t have a TV or have an event you’ve committed to; if so, live streaming is your go-to option. Now for marketers, this is where it’s PPC advertising’s time to shine. It’s safe to assume the companies with budgets that are Super Bowl worthy will have quite the clicks, and with the proper message, quite the conversions. They’ll have consumers pouring into their site faster than queso in a bowl. The one benefit of PPC is how targeted the message can be to the desired audience. So if an iPad case company is broadcasting a sleek new line of cases, only consumers viewing on iPads will see the ad. Heck of a lot better than paying millions for a 30 second slot on TV based on the total viewership numbers only. When will traditional advertising learn? When will it realize second place just isn’t good enough?

Who wants to get second place in the Super Bowl? Surely neither Carolina nor Denver. You don’t get a diamond studded championship ring and a trip to Disneyland if you’re second place. Let’s face it; like football, if you’re not first you’re last in the advertising realm. Just like search engines for example, when was the last time you ventured into the second or third page of Google when looking for a product or service? We’ll wait. Those pages are irrelevant because second and third place is irrelevant. Let’s take an educated guess on what’s going to be the most Googled search term this weekend. Yep, you said it, the Super Bowl. For example, if your website is tagging anything related to the Super Bowl, or if your social media post is related to a big play, you’ll be a part of that traffic naturally. Let’s imagine you operate a lifestyle blog, all that would be needed would be a post on a unique Super Bowl look such as deflated footballs cut into a vest (no pun intended if you’re a New England fan). Heck, we might try that look here at Tech-Critic but hopefully we don’t receive a fine from Mr. Goodell come Monday. Another great idea would be to post creative food and drink ideas for the party you’re hosting. That’s sure to get picked up in the Super Bowl hashtagoshere (new word maybe?). This goes out for all you SEO’ers out there too. Create some Super Bowl related content and sit back and enjoy the spike in your analytics platform. Best part is, this tactic doesn’t have a cost per click.

Last year, over 28 million tweets were recorded during the Super Bowl and this year even more are projected. Social media has taken over the 21st century and with that, marketers have forged tools to pinpoint their target consumer within such a broad user base. So again, who says you need to shell out the big bucks for a TV commercial when you have the world at your fingertips? Literally. Even if your budget comes a few bucks short of the TV ad slot, the digital realm still makes it possible to compete with the big dogs. Let’s just hope PPC doesn’t experience an Uber-like surge during the holidays, but even if, organic traffic through social media and blogs are a great alternative. That’s the beauty of digital; you get options and who doesn’t love options? Keep in mind however that the Super Bowl is an extremely social event, meaning you only have a couple of seconds to attract your viewer. That message has to be masterfully crafted to capture the short attention spans individuals will have on Sunday. Between the beer refills, the nacho dip, the slider platter, and discussing next season’s fantasy football strategy, that message will have to be hall of fame worthy. On one of the most important days of the year in terms of marketing and advertising, with consumers being blitzed left and right with an over abundance of brands, no one will remember second place.

Whatever you are in it for, just realize 114,000,000 eyes and minds are all tuned into one event, don’t just be an extra pair of eyes. Be on the other end of the spectrum and get the awareness, clicks, and conversions you deserve.


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