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How an App Can Help Your Business

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Mobile Apps Can Greatly Improve Your Business

How an App Can Help Your Business - Tech CriticFor virtually every business owner, there are a few key goals that they want their business to strive towards every day: boost sales, improve efficiency, and establish a loyal customer base. All aspects of your business will be greatly affected if each of these is completed. Business owners, both large and small, all seek to achieve these goals and commit numerous hours and resources to accomplish them.

Recent advancements in technology have presented some interesting opportunities for all businesses and brands. According to Hootsuite’s Digital 2020 Global Overview Report, there are over 4.54 billion internet users across the globe. The amount of unique mobile phone users sits at 5.19 billion. Hootsuite also states that mobile phones make up 53.3% of web traffic, beating out laptops and desktops, tablets, and others. Mobile devices have become the number one way to surf the internet for most users. Your business needs to ensure that its site is optimized for mobile devices. However, you can take it a step further, as well.

While most web traffic occurs on mobile devices, 10 out of every 11 minutes spent on mobile devices is spent on mobile apps, while only 9% is spent on web browsers. Apps are increasingly popular, as they offer users a plethora of uses, from talking to family across the world and finding a date to making purchases and managing our finances. There is an app for almost anything. However, does your business have an app?

Because of the popularity of apps and the number of mobile users, many businesses are beginning to realize the benefits a mobile app can provide their business. Tech Critic is here to shed some light on how an app can help your business.

Improve Accessibility

Most users find mobile apps far easier to access than traditional websites. This creates a much smoother and enjoyable customer experience than they initially would have. Having a mobile app for your business gives your customers a one-stop-shop for any products or services you may offer at any time they want. According to Esteban Kolsky, 72% of customers will share their experience with six or more friends if that experience was a positive one. Including integrated shopping carts and customer support will improve a user’s experience, as well.

Establishes Customer Loyalty

With a mobile app, you can create a direct and virtually instantaneous relationship with a consumer. Consumers enjoy the ease of finding a product or service, which ties into accessibility. Your app allows your customers to interact with your brand on a schedule that fits their life. Many businesses have established reward programs through their apps. Starbucks’ Star Point System rewards customers for making purchases with a points system. If they accrue enough points, they get free products or discounts. Reward programs encourage users to continually visit your app and business to make more purchases.

Better Customer Support

On your app, you can include a separate channel designed purely for customer service issues. A mobile app gives your customer a direct line of communication with your business. You can include a helpline or customer service chat within your app that offers users a chance to connect with someone 24/7. With this added channel of communication, your business begins to feel more human and real to users. Whether through a live chat, automated chat, FAQs, complaint registration, or more, customers can get answers to their questions, learn about any new sales or offers, and provide direct feedback to your business all within your app.

Creates a Customer Database

Whenever a user downloads your app, a lead is automatically created. Whether they use your app to ask a question or make a purchase, your business now has a new channel to market itself through, as well as gather information about these new users. NOTE: always be transparent about data collection and always ask for user permission when it comes to collecting said data. Once you have collected the right data, you can then use it for retargeting ads and recommend products to them based on their previous purchases or search history. You can also use this data to learn what content is proving more successful than others, helping you streamline your marketing approach to improve overall efficiency.

Boost Brand Awareness

Your app can be one of the greatest ways to improve your brand awareness. After all, your app has an icon that places your logo on a user’s screen, constantly reminding them of you. Many mobile apps also include push notifications, which notify customers about upcoming specials or sales, email subscriptions, and more. Additionally, you can also share your experience with this app or your purchase on this app on social media. Many apps offer you a chance to easily integrate with the social media accounts of users.

What to Focus on When Making an App

You can’t just put together an app without carefully planning and designing one that you know will be effective. There are many aspects of app building that must be taken into consideration, including:

  • Simplicity: Using your app should be extremely easy and simple for any user, no matter their experience with mobile devices. If it is too complicated to navigate, users will give up and delete it from their phone. Mobile apps are meant to be easy and efficient.
  • Quick Load Times: The load speed of your mobile app is just as important as the load speed of your website. A slow load speed often leads to users getting impatient and leaving your app. Even one-second delays can drastically hinder the success of your app.
  • Payment Gateways: The main purpose of your app is to make the user experience more fluid and easier. If your app doesn’t include payment gateways, a customer is forced to go elsewhere to complete a purchase, eliminating all efficiency. You want your app to be a one-stop-shop for customers, allowing them to search for products and making a purchase all within an app.
  • Social Media Integration: Social media has quickly become one of the greatest ways to communicate with the world. With integration in your app, you can encourage users to share their experience with your company on their channels, boosting brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Mobile apps have quickly become one of the most important aspects of many businesses. Not only do they help boost revenue, but they also lead to greater customer loyalty and better efficiency. If you are a business owner and are interested in developing an app for your business, contact Tech Critic today.

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