Holiday Marketing Tips That Actually Work

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holiday-marketing-tips-that-actually-work-tech-critic-marketing-dfwYep, you guessed it, the holidays are here, which only means one thing – marketing campaigns. Over the years the holidays have transformed from a family-centric time of year to one that plays to the consumer in all of us. From the business side of things, the holidays provide great opportunities in retail, sales, and marketing in general. If you are not using this time of year to market your brand, engage existing customers, and draw in new customers, you are doing something wrong. With the holidays in full swing, if you aren’t already capitalizing on the consumer characteristics of this season, you are surely missing out.

For many business owners, the holidays represent a frantic and overwhelming time of year. This is why it is so important to plan ahead and make sure you get a jumpstart on your brand’s marketing campaign. While it may always seem as though big box companies and the likes get too much of a jump on marketing to holiday shoppers (Christmas ads in July?!), the fact of the matter is that it is necessary in the world we live in today. The holidays provide a wide range of unique opportunities for all different types of businesses to market to existing and new customers alike. However, just because you have a Facebook account and recently learned how to use Twitter doesn’t mean you are an expert holiday marketer. There are many different strategies of thought when it comes to raising brand awareness during this busy time of year, but there are a few that we think work better than the rest.

Here are a few marketing tips to help you increase visibility and turn window shoppers into paying customers this holiday season:

  • Find your focus. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make this time of year is taking too much on. While you undoubtedly want to reach as many people as possible, this way of thinking can get you into some trouble. It is much, much better to find your focus and dump all your time and resources into one niche or area.
  • Email is your friend. While people certainly don’t like being berated with a ton of emails, it seems this is slightly more acceptable practice during the holidays. Consumers love deals, so what better way to spread the love than through email? Make sure you are using catchy subject lines and running campaigns, sales, or promotions that actually peak people’s interests.
  • Go live. Facebook’s live feature has truly exploded over the last year, which is something you can use to your advantage. A brand can use live video to offer quick moments of inspiration and showcase their offerings while giving a behind the scenes look. Think smart here, but remember just how useful live video can be if you play your cards right.
  • Be creative and let your character shine. Consumers are far more likely to give their service – and money – to a company they can relate to and feel as if they understand. Be funny, creative, and try to lighten things up a bit. People will respond to you in a positive manner and you are sure to bring a smile to their face, which can go a long way in opening up their wallet.
  • Don’t shy away from nostalgia. The holidays are all about family, tradition, and nostalgia, so why not play this up when it comes to your marketing campaign? Nostalgia is one of the most important emotions a human can experience, so use this when coming up with your ads and other marketing tactics. Think multi-generational and use tactics that will resonate with people of all different age groups, if that’s what you are going for, of course.

We hope your holiday marketing campaign is well under way, but if not, please do not hesitate to contact Tech-Critic today. We are here to answer any questions, and help you spread the word about your businesses as far and wide as you wish!

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