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Google’s New Update: Mobilegeddon is Here & It’s Not Pretty

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Mobile Devices - Tech-CriticAttention, small business owners: April 21 is being coined as “Mobilegeddon”. Starting on April 21, 2015 Google will be gradually rolling out a new algorithm that will affect mobile searches in all corners of the globe. This update, which is being rolled out worldwide, will change the order in which websites are ranked when people use their smartphones to search for a particular keyword. The new algorithm will favor websites that are mobile-friendly, ranking them higher in the search results. As approximately 60 percent of all online traffic comes from mobile users, this is a big deal. The idea behind the change, according to Google, is to create a better experience for users by helping them land on websites that are easier to navigate and read. However, this could spell trouble for millions of small businesses, which is why it’s important to step up your mobile app game before it’s too late.

Shocked Girl - Tech-CriticWhy Small Businesses?

This week, many small businesses will notice a drastic drop in the number of visitors to their website. Many small businesses do not have mobile-friendly or optimized websites, whether due to budget constraints or some other factor. In an effort to help businesses during this transition, Google is offering a mobile-friendly test that will allow you to find out whether or not your site fits the requirements. To check, follow the link and input your website’s URL to see if you pass, or if your website is in need of some reworking.

Businesses count on the fact that people will find them through a localized search, however, this may prove to be far more difficult with the new algorithm in place. While in the past Google has been all about relevancy and content, this shift is an indicator that the times they are a changin’. Google is now placing more importance on user experience and the need for websites to be mobile-friendly, readable, and accessible to people on the go. With more and more people using their smartphones to access information than ever, it is not surprising that this ‘phonepocalypse’ would eventually impact Google searches and the mobile community. It is certainly true that small businesses are not the only ones who will be impacted by Mobilgeddon– research by marketing company Somo found that numerous big brands, such as American Apparel, would be affected if they did not update their websites – they are certainly poised to get the brunt of the backlash.

What is Considered Mobile-Friendly?

Websites must meet several important requirements in order to be considered mobile-friendly:

  • Software – such as Flash – that is hard to read on mobile devices cannot be used
  • Text should be readable and not require the need to zoom
  • Websites must automatically resize content to fit the screen of the smartphone
  • Mobile downloads must be speedy
  • Links should be easily tappable

In an effort to help businesses during this transition, Google is offering a mobile-friendly test that will allow

The Impact of Mobilegeddon

Modern-Nuclear-Explosion-Tech-CriticThe impact of mobilegeddon is still unknown, however, we do know Google isn’t messing around and this update is not something to be ignored. Businesses who have not optimized their website for mobile users will undoubtedly see the repercussions, starting on the day of the algorithm’s launch, April 21. Big name brands should not make the mistake of thinking they will not be affected, especially going by recent analysis by the research firm Portent, which found that of 25,000 top ranked sites, 10,000 failed the test. In order to continue to show up in relevant Google searches, it is imperative that all businesses run the analysis, and if not up to par, contact a digital marketing agency like Tech-Critic in order to get their website mobile-friendly as soon as possible. This update will cause a major ranking shake-up that could cause chaos for both business owners and consumers alike. To learn more about mobilegeddon or if you need help developing a mobile-friendly site that will meet Google’s new mobile guidelines, please contact Tech-Critic today.

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