How Legal Professionals Can Get Started with Local SEO

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Lawyer working at his desk in the officeThe legal industry is one of the most competitive spaces online. Across the web, lawyers in all fields are competing aggressively to capture the top spots in Google, as well as eyeballs and readers on social media and blogs.

Why is legal so competitive? Primarily, it has to do with the value of each lead. While other industries might have a customer value of a few hundred dollars, a strong legal lead can be worth tens of thousands, and sometimes even more. Because of these high-value prospects, many lawyers and law firms spend considerable efforts and budgets to get found online.

For new firms just entering the online arena, the big budgets and well developed campaigns of the competition can sometimes seem daunting. However, fortunately you don’t need a huge effort to begin a simple SEO campaign. There are many simple and effective strategies that law firms and legal professionals in Dallas can perform to get started with SEO begin generating leads from the web.

  • Update your website’s design. Many smaller firms with more traditional marketing ideas have websites that might be 10 years old or more. Keeping your website updated is often the last thing on your mind as a busy legal pro, but a modern looking website built with the latest web technologies will probably perform better in search, and will look better to your prospects as well.
  • Create some quality content. Another common issue with legal websites – they have almost no content. A typical legal site will have a basic homepage, an “About Us” page, and a contact page. To compete in the modern web environment, your law firm will need to do better than that. A well-written blog updated at least once per month, as well as some decent articles and knowledge content, will be important for ranking well and impressing users.
  • Focus on local keywords. Law is a location-based profession, and your legal SEO strategy needs to reflect this. You need to think about the most important regions you serve, as well as how local users will be searching for these terms. For example, you might serve all of Texas in theory, but you’re really focused on a list of cities like Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving, Los Colinas, Grapevine, Southlake, and Coppell. Knowing your exact local keywords and using these terms in the right places is important to ranking well in Google local search.
  • Go beyond your website. Although the first step in SEO is always website optimization, once you have a reasonably well-optimized site, it’s time to start looking for off-site marketing opportunities. This includes local profiles like Google+ Local and Yelp, social media like Facebook and Twitter, as well as legal-specific websites and communities. The more active and complete your general web presence is, the more traffic and leads you’ll generate from the web.

Overall, these tips are just a high-level view of a few important legal SEO strategies for Dallas and the DFw area. Of course, running an effective SEO campaign for an attorney takes more than just the above, but if you can implement with these tactics, you’ll be off to a good start. Looking for more information on lawfirm digital marketing? Contact Tech-Critic today for a free local SEO consultation.

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