What Is Facebook’s M?

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Facebook-Tech-Critic-SEO-Arlington-TexasFirst came Apple’s Siri, second was Google’s Now, third Microsoft’s Cortana, then Amazon’s Alexa/Echo (whatever it is they decide on), and now we have Facebook’s M. These tech giants are dishing out a lot of different names with a ton of technology behind them. Tech-Critic thought of diving in and seeing how different these digital personal assistants are. I mean, let’s be serious, a lot of the innovation that comes out of Silicon Valley quickly becomes recycled between competitors. For the sake of this blog, we tested out Siri, Now, and Cortana only to see what flavor M adds to the mix. So here is what Siri, Now, and Cortana can do:

  • Call, text, and email voice commands
  • Open, close, and toggle between apps
  • Set up alarms, appointments, and reminders
  • Ask random questions or check facts and figures
  • Search the web
  • Voice directed navigation
  • Play music or videos
  • Sassy responses to questionable inquiries (who hasn’t tried that?)

So with all this already in the market, what does M’s artificial intelligence really bring to the table? Since it’s being rolled out slowly and is currently undergoing beta testing in the West Coast, your Texas based SEO agency and critic of all things tech just has to wait- just kidding. Our sources close to Facebook gave us a bit of insider information, which revealed that Facebook is integrating human intelligence on top of the AI to power M. Ladies and gentlemen, Skynet is upon us. We’re not sure if the human element is just to get the algorithms polished fast enough to handle Facebook’s 1+ billion users, or the synergy of both man and machine is here to stay, but all we know for now is that M is a huge one up to the other guys. Sorry Siri, Now, Cortana, and Alexa/Echo.

Google-Logo-Tech-Critic-SEO-ArlingotnWhy Did Google Change Their Logo?

So we’re sure by now you’ve seen Google’s new logo. At quick glance, it might look the same but if you watched the animation you’ll see some of the biggest changes since 1999. A very simple sans-serif font with over exaggerated circular letters is what they opted for. So why the change, and why now? Well, you won’t find a definitive answer online unless some Google graphics designer leaked it somewhere on the Internet, but it could have a lot to do with Google’s other recent big news, the formation of “Alphabet” as the parent company. In the animation, you notice a child’s hand taking some chalk and writing out G-O-O-G-L-E, like one who is practicing their ABC’s at school, so maybe their taking it back to basics. Or, if you look further into it, you could say that the new Google font comes together into the new G (yeah, even the standalone G has changed) and breaks apart into Google colored dots, which could be symbolic of the old company [Google] coming together as one [Alphabet] then divides itself accordingly [subsidiaries of Alphabet]. That at least is our take on it, but then again we are a creative agency and that’s what creative agencies do- be creative. Social media definitely went white hot upon the news and Google’s new logo became instantly trending, so coming from a digital marketing agency, we definitely feel for Google’s social media management team having to answer to all the questions and even Google’s online reputation management team for probably taking heat from some individuals who aren’t with the whole “out with the old, in with the new.”

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