New Facebook Search Algorithm Making Hashtags Irrelevant?

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tech-critic-facebook-algorithmFacebook keeps beefing up their search in order to gain traction over Google. It might seem crazy, but if you think about it, Facebook is just as much as a search engine as Google. Start typing into the white box at the top of Facebook and you can find whatever – people, places, businesses, and now conversation. While building out the search engine on their own, Facebook users have been helping along the way by posting their details, business information, news, events, etc. All of this goes right into Facebook search. Now you can search about any current event or hot topic and see news about it along with discussion on public posts. If your posts are public, people can find them in search and join in.

What Does This Mean for Hashtags?

Facebook got into Hashtags late in the game after Twitter made it popular and it became a staple of Instagram posting. But, like all aspects of a Facebook post, hashtags helped determine the Reach of a post. Too many hashtags, like a whole URL string left in a post, would lower reach. It comes off as spammy. But, a few hashtags would help others find that post – there was just no other way. Here at Tech-Critic, we noticed something with our clients in the past couple weeks. Using no hashtags nearly quadrupled organic reach. When we’d typically boost a post determined by strategy, we saw that we were hitting the target reach by leaving it alone – no hashtags, just concise text to a value link. But, we made sure key words and phrases were used in the post. For someone looking for our client’s products or services, how would someone search for that on Google?

Facebook is its own Search Engine

Facebook started advertising its new search with a blue bubble pop-up telling users to try it out. They are very keen on getting the word out, so it only makes sense for brands to plan their posts accordingly. Be original, natural, and concise – there’s a little more to it than that, depending on post type (link, image, video) but this is the direction Facebook wants brands to go in with their content. Tech-Critic can become your partner in helping your align your message and strategy for the new “Facebook Search”, contact us for a free consultation!

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