Facebook Rolls Out New Updates, Changing User Interface

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facebook-rolls-out-new-updates-changing-user-interface-tech-criticFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced Facebook would be undergoing an algorithm update in order to prioritize news feed content. This particular update was announced on January 11th, 2018 and has impacted users and businesses alike. As with similar updates on other platforms like Instagram, this update will have an effect on the content people see and from whom, which could mean your business update is flying under the radar. In order for users to continue seeing your posts per usual, they must update their preferences and make sure they are ‘following’ you and have notifications turned on. Seems like a hassle, don’t you think? Unfortunately, this isn’t the only update of this kind that Facebook has announced. We know how hard it can be to keep up with, so we thought it would be helpful to take a look at some of the most recent changes you should be aware of:

  • Facebook adds Lists feature – In mid-February Facebook began rolling out a major update called Lists. Similar to the colored backgrounds addition, the Lists feature is aimed at encouraging Facebook users to share more personalized content. They make and share lists of favorite vacation spots, goals for the year, local restaurants, recipes, and so on. The idea behind this update is to create more interaction between friends and share opinions in a unique and constructive manner. Will it work? That is yet to be seen.
  • Update to promote local news – In another update at the beginning of 2018, Facebook announced they are going to start sharing local news stories. This is good news for local publishers or for users who share local stories, as these posts will likely show up higher in the News Feed.
  • Facebook reduces the number of posts from business pages – In perhaps the most important update, the latest algorithm update will reduce the number of posts people see from businesses’ pages, news sites, and publishers. This was done in an effort to encourage engagement and conversation between those who are connected on Facebook, not pages you follow. Similar to recent Google updates like Penguin and Panda, Facebook is attempting to clean up the News Feed and search results. While many people are calling this update the ‘Facebook Apocalypse’, this is an over dramatization. This certainly does not spell the end for businesses on Facebook, but it does mean they need to start paying closer attention. If you are publishing content that is getting no engagement, most people won’t see your post.

As we can see with the last update mentioned, Facebook isn’t messing around. If you are putting out content that others are not engaging with, you are going to lose the battle. The biggest takeaway here is just how important a smart digital marketing and social strategy is. If you are using social media for your business and you aren’t getting engagement, you’re doing something wrong. This is where an experienced digital marketing company comes into play. While you may have been putting off hiring a company to do your social work for you, this will no longer fly with Facebook’s recent algorithm updates. You must be posting strategically and getting that engagement, or you are going to fall by the wayside and will simply be wasting your time.

To learn more about Facebook’s most recent algorithm updates and what this means for your Facebook business page, please contact Tech Critic today. Our Arlington digital marketing experts will work with you and make sure you are putting out great content that others can relate to. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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