Facebook changing our world (Day 2 of F8)

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F8 Developer Conference: Day 2

The two-day F8 event has finally come to an end, and as anticipated it showed a lot of changes coming to Facebook this year. Day one was all about introducing Facebook Spaces, Developer Circles, an updated Messenger and more.

For the second day of F8, the opening keynote was given by Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer. In it, he mentioned that Facebook is looking forward to releasing technology that will have an impact all around the globe. The company will also be investing in innovations for the next ten years. The said technologies include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and more.

Other keynote speakers included Yael Maguire (Director of Connectivity Programs), Joaquin Quinonero Candela (Director of Applied Machine Learning), along with Michael Abrash (Chief Scientist of Oculus Research), and Regina Duran (Vice President of Engineering and Building 8).

The things that were talked about in the keynote include:

  • Better Connectivity

Facebook is working on creating “flexible and extensible” networks that can cater to a wide array of user scenarios. The social media company also shared that they set three new records when it comes wireless data transfer. The records were set using MMW or millimeter-wave and optical cross-link technologies

Furthermore, to deal with emergency connectivity issues, a Tether-tenna is being launched. The project includes a (fiber and power containing) wire that has been tethered to a small helicopter.

  • Advanced AI

While some people are still living their days worried about the rise of the machines, Facebook is all about advancing artificial intelligence. You’ll soon be able to enjoy an AI-infused camera across Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. The said camera will be able to identify your surroundings, recognize people (no need to worry about remembering names anymore), things, etc. It can also be paired with the new Camera Effects Platform for a customizable experience.

Caffe2 will be open sourced, allowing developers to build as well as run new AI algorithms. Facebook will also be partnering up with NVIDIA, Microsoft, Amazon, and others in the coming future.

  • Virtual Reality

A Matrix-like immersive experience isn’t far away. The Surround 360 technology will allow people to create high quality VR videos. You can view anything in a video from any angle you desire. It might sound similar to the 360-degree videos we currently get to see but much cooler.

  • Augmented Reality

Think of this as virtual computing. Day 1 of F8 talked about Facebook Spaces, offering an augmented reality to connect with your friends. Taking the concept a bit further, while virtual computing is currently in its initial days, it’s soon going to be part of everyone’s life, allowing users to connect without being limited to time or location.

Augmented reality will be able to show virtual images in the real world through your smartphones. Think Pokémon GO but with charts and other data popping up whenever you need them. Facebook is certain that in a decade or so we’ll get to see advanced AR that will end up changing how we interact with each other, play, and do work.

  • Building 8

Facebook will be releasing advanced technology, that’s social first, through Building 8 (the company’s product development and research team). All of the new products will be shipped at scale. Furthermore, they’ll be powered by an engine that has been modeled after DARPA. Yes, the same DARPA that stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

  • Silent Speech Communication

Building 8 is working on a silent speech system which will enable you to write approximately 100 words per minute by using your brain. Sensors are being developed that will tap into your brain’s speech center and then allow you to perform the intended function without having to use your fingers to type everything out or tap a screen a couple of times. The upcoming technology could end up being very beneficial for individuals with certain handicaps. Technology is also being tested to allow individuals to hear using their skin.

That brings us to the end of everything that was shared during the second day of F8. Combined with what was announced on the first day, Facebook isn’t going anywhere soon and is determined to change the technological landscape.

For business owners, all of this goes to show that you need to tap into social media platforms to make your organization succeed. Hiring an experienced digital marketing agency has become more important than ever. You need to work with an agency that’s on top of all the innovations and knows how to use them to benefit your business.

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