Facebook changing our world (Day 1 of F8)

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F8 Developer Conference: Day 1


Mark Zuckerberg gives a keynote address the F8 developer conference.

F8 is an annual event where new advancements and developments are presented to provide a glimpse into the future of technology. The event was held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California this year. Thousands of people attended the event while millions watched Mark Zuckerberg give the keynote via Facebook Live. He announced a number of new developments as well as improvements made to the existing apps that are sure to change how the world uses and interacts with Facebook.

  • New Camera Effects

Everybody uses the camera in their phones to capture memories, write on images, modify existing photos with face filters, adding digital objects or for style transfers. The camera effects platform provides developers the opportunity to build AR tools for the camera and helps to bring people close together.

This platform gives developers and artists the freedom to use different reality technologies with their Facebook camera in simple photo frames as well as in interactive effects and masks.

The Camera Effects Platform offers two products: Frames Studio allows you to design picture frames that can be set as profile pictures while AR Studio allows you to create masks, animated frames, and scripted effects. It can also be used to create AR technologies that respond to interactions during live videos. Let that creative photographer inside of you blossom with the new features.

  • Hangout With Friends in a Virtual World
Head of Social VR Rachel Franklin introduces Facebook Spaces.

Head of Social VR Rachel Franklin introduces Facebook Spaces.

It seems Pokémon GO isn’t going to be the only thing that’s going to take society by storm. Facebook Spaces is a new virtual reality app where you can interact with your friends in a virtual environment as if you were present in the same room. You can create a virtual space where you can draw anything from a tic-tac-toe board to a racing car with the help of a virtual marker. You can also call your friends in your virtual reality space by calling them in the real world with Messenger video calling.

Your friends can directly answer their phone and enter the virtual world to hang out with you. Furthermore, you can also take pictures of your virtual experience with a selfie stick and share them on Facebook. Facebook Spaces makes hanging out with friends and family convenient regardless of where you are in the real world.

  • Support for Developers

This is a new program for developers from around the world where they can connect, collaborate and learn from local developers. The entire thing is free for any developer who wants to join and make connections. It’s being described as a forum to share knowledge, develop new ideas, collaborate and learn about new technologies. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or even a coding student that’s looking for advice, the Developer Circles is said to offer a supportive environment. Members will also be learning how to use tools and products that Facebook offers to make their ideas a reality and reach their targeted audience.

  • Finding and Recommending Places

Places graph is a free app which provides access to data on more than 140 million locations in the world, including public parks, stores, restaurants and local businesses. This information also includes the place’s name, photo(s), address, Facebook consumer rating and much more. Using this data, people can easily find places where they want to go or recommend to their friends. There’s also a geotagging feature in there. You can also gain information about a place your friend might be visiting or you liked in a certain picture. Think of it as a detailed virtual map (that tells more than just the location) on the electronic device you use.

  • Upgraded Identity Features

This is a much needed upgrade to identity tools not only for developers but businesses too. The new API now allows businesses to map between a Messenger ID login and a Facebook Login ID so that customers can be catered to efficiently through both means. The released Facebook Login and Account Kit will also offer more ways for businesses to verify consumers. Furthermore, businesses can recover customer accounts without having to ask for passwords or personal information.

  • Facebook Analytics

This app was previously known as Facebook Analytics for Apps. It is a free app which helps businesses to access data and measure customer behavior over a period of time. Companies can optimize their potential and interact with their clients by using their business website and app. With the help of new and advanced changes made to this app, businesses can predict changes in customer preferences and behaviors in different cities to ensure that they’re always ahead of their competition.

  • Updated Facebook Messenger
VP of Messaging Products David Marcus introduces Messenger Platform 2.0.

VP of Messaging Products David Marcus introduces Messenger Platform 2.0.

Facebook Messenger has become very popular since it was launched a year ago, for consumers as well as businesses. Billions of messages are sent between businesses and individuals monthly on Messenger, and Facebook is making it better with the Discover Tab, Chat extensions, Smart replies, and more.

Here are some of the new tools and features that were announced:

  • Discover tab: This has been added so that people can easily find businesses they like. You can use the Messenger camera to scan Messenger Codes to link to your favorite brand or business. You can do this right from the Messenger home screen.
  • Chat extensions: This feature allows a number of people to communicate with the same business simultaneously. A bot can now be added directly to a group thread, and people can share the conversation. This can be useful for businesses to quickly cater to queries a group of people might have.
  • Richer gameplay: New game bots have been included in Messenger to provide a more memorable experience.
  • Ordering food: You can now order food online using Messenger. Messengers AI assistant M will help you place an order through delivery.com. Furthermore, if you’re chatting with your friends about ordering food, the assistant will suggest places, and you can group order as well as pay for the food.
  • Smart replies: This will help Pages to answer frequently asked questions such as contact details and business hours in an efficient manner. It’s great for small businesses to help manage their replies in a timely manner.
  • Hand-over protocol: With the help of this new feature one business can use different developers to help establish their online presence for the better.

With Facebook being one of the leading source of advertising, it is important for businesses to know how to use this social media platform to their advantage. That’s why hiring a reputable digital marketing agency is a must because they have experience working with businesses to establish and strengthen their online presence using Facebook and other social networking websites.

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