Don’t Make These Marketing Mistakes in 2018!

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dont-make-these-marketing-mistakes-in-2018-tech-critic2017 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to start looking ahead to 2018. When it comes to building and maintaining a successful business in today’s world, marketing is a must. Over the years marketing has transformed and moved to the digital world, which does not come without its challenges. To stay in business, you must be very, very good at marketing and make sure you are staying on top of the latest industry trends. Similarly, it is important to look back on the year and take note of what some of the most common marketing mistakes were. Sure, mistakes happen and we all find ourselves in situations we wish we could get out of, but there are invaluable lessons in these situations. If you continue to repeat the same mistakes you made in 2017 in 2018, you are going to be in some real trouble. Learning from your marketing mistakes is crucial, especially in today’s ever-evolving modern landscape.

Today we are going to discuss some of the most common marketing mistakes we saw and tips for avoiding them in 2018. If you find yourself overwhelmed or unsure how to proceed with marketing your business in 2018, give Tech-Critic a call! Our digital marketing experts are here to help you avoid costly mistakes and instead provide you with a marketing strategy that works. With that in mind, here are the top marketing mistakes you must avoid in the coming year:

  • Failing to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan – One of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make time and time again when it comes to marketing is failing to develop a strategic plan. If you want to ramp up your marketing efforts and take your sales to the next level, having a smart, strong marketing plan in place is an absolute must. Think of it like building a home – in order for the finished product to look great, you must start with an architectural plan. Your plan should include your business objectives, budget, brand awareness, promotional channels, marketing goals, and product ideas.
  • Ignoring Relevant Market Research – A common mistake amongst start-ups and small- to mid-sized companies is ignoring all the market research that is out there. This should be one of the main components of your digital marketing strategy, as it will provide you with data on what you did well, and what areas you could improve in.
  • Forgetting About SEO – Yep, SEO is still relevant and an absolute must for any solid digital marketing strategy. When it comes to strong content development and showing up on Google’s radar (which is a must these days), you need to integrate SEO. 93 percent of all online traffic comes from search engines like Google and Yahoo, so if your content marketing strategy doesn’t include SEO, you are missing out.
  • Not Developing an Email Marketing Strategy – Many businesses make the mistake of thinking email marketing isn’t important, but it is. If you want your content marketing efforts to really work, you must also spend the time to implement an email marketing plan. The numbers indicate that email actually out performs both search and social media combined when talking about converting leads. This is huge and something that should not be ignored.

These four mistakes should be avoided at all costs in 2018, and if you need help making sure that happens, give us a call. Tech-Critic is a leading Dallas digital marketing agency with years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, in all different industries, and we are prepared to do the same for you today!

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