Don’t just Keep Up with the Kardashians, Keep up with Digital Marketing as well!

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Digital-Marketing-Tips-To-Keep-You-On-Top-Tech-Critic-Digital-Marketing-AgencyAs you may or may not be aware, Twitter recently launched a new marketing strategy designed to distinguish it from all the other social media platforms. The popular social media company decided to make this move after conducting in-depth research that showed people don’t really know how to use Twitter, and therefore opt for other platforms. With this information in hand, Twitter is rebranding itself in an effort to change the public’s perception and better appeal to those looking to connect and interact with friends, family members, coworkers, and so on. This is important for business owners because it is an excellent example of why it is a good idea to stay up-to-date with digital marketing trends. Today Twitter is working to recreate itself as the “go to” platform for news, which will include live commentary about global events and local happenings. If you think about it, this is a far cry from what it has been in the past, namely a social platform used by celebrities and athletes to spout off about whatever they please.

Don’t Become a Thing of the Past

For small and large business owners alike, it is a must to not fall behind and to stay current with each and every marketing trend. Those who do not are at risk of losing business to competitors and becoming completely irrelevant. In today’s ever-evolving society, if you aren’t hip to what’s going on around you, you might as well go home. So, in order to not be a thing of the past, it is important that you are working with a digital marketing agency that has your best interests in mind and is on top of each and every new trend.

Different Digital Marketing Strategies for Different Businesses Different-Types-of-Digital-Marketing-Tech-Critic-Digital-Marketing-Agency-Texas

It should also be noted that not all businesses are the same (as you are probably aware) so it may be necessary to test out different strategies to see what works best. For example, strong content, blogging, and regular social media posts may be a great strategy for some, but others require more intense search engine optimization (SEO) and a strong email marketing campaign, for one.

You may be wondering just how you know which strategy is right for you, and that’s an excellent question. Again going back to the revolving door of digital marketing trends, it can be extremely taxing to keep up with everything and figure out which direction is best for your business. In order to increase conversion rates, bring in new business, and reach a wider audience, you must be on your toes – or work with a digital marketing agency who will do that part for you.

In addition to the basic digital marketing strategies that we mentioned above, there are a handful of new trends that it is important to be aware of. Many of these step outside the box, so to speak, or ‘normal’ marketing strategies, and can change in the blink of an eye. Take Pokemon Go, for example, as this is a trend that seemingly came out of nowhere and has taken the nation by storm, like it or not. While many view this is just a silly app that Millennials are obsessed with, it actually has presented local businesses with incredible opportunities to create a buzz about their business and draw a new audience in. This is just one great example of how quickly new digital marketing trends pop up, and why it is important that you are keeping up with them.

Other trends that we are seeing right now include live video and streaming (this will also be part of Twitter’s new model), Snapchat and Instagram ads, and identity-based Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. To learn more about digital marketing trends and strategies, contact Tech-Critic today, your leading Frisco digital marketing agency.


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