Digital Marketing Tips for the Holidays

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Christmas sale design template.The holiday season is almost here! For many businesses in Dallas and across the country, November and December are the months driving the most overall revenue in the year. They’re also months where marketing efforts are critically important to get the most from the holiday season and make sure that competitors don’t steal away your holiday sales boost.

However, one challenge that many businesses encounter is that as the holiday season gets busy, more organizational time has to be devoted to fulfilling orders, leaving less focus for marketing. Don’t let this happen to you! Success in the holiday season relies on strong marketing efforts executed at the right time. To help make your holiday marketing push effective this year, we’ve put together a few tips and ideas.

  • Leverage a Sense of Urgency. The holiday season is hectic for everyone. For businesses however, there can be a hidden benefit to holiday chaos. Including a sense of urgency in your messaging will help your marketing efforts convert more customers faster.
  • Make Everything Mobile. A huge share of holiday planning and shopping occurs on mobile devices. No doubt that the 2014 holiday season will be an all-time high for mobile commerce activities. Don’t miss out on this trend! Make sure that whatever holiday marketing you’re planning is mobile-friendly.
  • christmas, x-mas, online shopping concept - woman in santa helpeSet Goals and Measure Success. Your online marketing efforts should always be guided by data, and holidaymarketing is no exception. Be sure to review last year’s holiday performance to help set realistic goals for 2014. And if you don’t have data from last year, be sure to start collecting it now for future reference.
  • Go Multi-Channel. Don’t limit holiday efforts to just one or two online channels. If you’ve usually only focused on SEO and PPC, the holiday season is the perfect time to get started on email marketing and social advertising, for example. Now’s the best time to get aggressive and use everything at your disposal to ensure a strong holiday season.
  • Look into Retargeting. Retargeting is an advertising system that allows you to show ads to users who’ve already visited your website. It’s always been considered a strong advertising technique, but it’s especially great in the holiday season, where consumers have a very high likelihood of making a purchase within a given window of time. 
  • Black friday sale backgroundSpread Some Holiday Cheer. Remember that for all the stress of the holiday season, it’s ultimately a time for good emotions. Marketers should make sure to include a positive message in their holiday promotions to leverage the holiday feelings and get consumers into a buying mood.
  • Start Planning for 2015. While holiday planning is critical, don’t forget to spend some time during these final months building a strategy for 2015. Remember that success in marketing requires long-term planning, and the work you start now for next year will pay off in the long run.

We hope these tips will help make this holiday season an amazing success for your business. If you’re looking for help making 2014 your best marketing year yet, the Tech-Critic team can help. There’s still time for an amazing holiday sale this year! Contact us today and we can get started now building your holiday digital strategy.

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