Day One at F8 2018: How Facebook is Expanding the Social Network

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F8 2018 Day 1 Keynote

Hear from Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook leaders on Facebook's latest technology and innovation.

Posted by Facebook for Developers on Tuesday, May 1, 2018


What is F8?  It’s an annual conference that highlights technology advancements, new Facebook products, and improvements coming to the platform we can’t stop using. The conference gives people the chance to hear from the those who have been working on these new products and features.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses Facebook’s ten-year roadmap.

This year’s F8 conference took place, once again, in San Jose, California. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, began the first day of the conference with a keynote speech on relationships and responsibility, as well as, power and responsibility. He discussed how the expansion is key as new technology develops and explained how Facebook is working to keep building new services that aim to bring people together. Not only are they working to expand services that bring people together but developing and advancing those existing technologies. So, what is F8 talking about?  Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the new Oculus.

If you didn’t have time to catch the conference, no worries here are some of the highlights from day one of F8.

What’s happening on Facebook

  • Dating on Facebook

They are tapping into the dating market! Facebook has taken notice that so many people not only use them to keep up with their current loved ones but also as a way to meet new people. With this new feature, Facebook users will now be able to create a dating profile only if they choose to do so. Recommendations for various dating matches will come from dating preferences and common interests. But wait this won’t be the only way to date on Facebook! There will be an option to discover others through events. If you are interested in attending an event, it will show you profiles of other singles who will also be attending the event, in turn, giving you the chance to go to the event together.  Not to worry about privacy though, as the dating app will not share any activity with friends. What happens in the dating app, stays in the dating app.

  • Clearing your History

Many people worry about their history when it comes to online platforms. With all the recent talk about data theft, etc., people are worried about what they share about themselves on their social media accounts and other account-type platforms. The new feature, Clear History, will enable users to see the websites and apps that use your information and send it to Facebook, and the user will be able to delete this information as well as have the option of turning off the ability for Facebook to store it moving forward.

  • Sharing to your Story

People love sharing, and Facebook wants to make it easier on you!  You will now be able to share things from other apps onto their Facebook and Instagram stories.

  • Groups 

    Chief Product Officer Chris Cox announces Groups tab.

Those who enjoy using the Groups feature on Facebook will enjoy the new implementation of the Groups tab. This will help users navigate their Groups much easier.

  • Crisis Response

Crisis response, a community where users can gather information on recent crises is evolving. The people spoke and Facebook listened. The new feature will allow users who were affected by a crisis to share their accounts for time-sensitive information, such as road closures, natural disasters, etc. to help inform people via a crowdsourcing implementation. Real-time updates will make the gathering of information much easier for Facebook users.

  • Blood Donations on Facebook

The new feature will make it easier for people to access the information as to when and where to donate blood. This was an update focused on the people in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

  • The Developer Community

After recent debates over how much Facebook cared about their user’s privacy, the company has decided to make some changes. They have taken multiple steps to protect their user’s privacy and have decided to make new important improvements to their policies and programs for the developer community as well. These improvements will have a large focus on building trusting relationships with the people who use Facebook’s products. The app review process will be reopened in order to ensure that all of Facebook’s APIs add value to each user’s experience. Transparency and trust are key in this development.

What’s happening with Instagram 

  • AR Camera Effects

As of last year, Facebook announced the AR camera platform and now they have decided to take it to Instagram. There will be new and exciting interaction camera experiences as well as different face filters and all-around effects.

  • Video Chatting 

    Shilpa Sarkar, Jyoti Sood, and Tamar Shapiro share how we’re redesigning Explore to make it easier to discover things you’re interested in on Instagram.

If you think about it, Instagram is one of the only Facebook-owned apps that doesn’t allow video chat. Well, now that is changing. People will soon be able to use real-time video chat via their Instagram account in the direct feature. The video chats won’t be limited to just one-on-one conversations but will be available for group chats!

  • A Whole New Explore Page

With the expansion and organization of the new explore page, users on Instagram will be able to utilize this feature for even more. The new page will organize the suggested content into channels which will make it easier for selected browsing according to interest.

What’s happening with WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp Group Calls

Many people use WhatsApp to make calls. Many more people use WhatsApp for video calls. Well, Facebook decided it was time for an update. What’s that? Group video calls.

  • WhatsApp Stickers 

Stay tuned for the implementation of stickers onto the WhatsApp platform.

What’s happening with Messenger

  • AR for Messenger

This is one of the greater announcements for developers. This new feature will allow brands to implement AR camera effects into the Messenger experience on their Facebook page. This means a whole new way of expression and trial for the various products businesses offer.

  • Marketplace M Translations

With this new addition, people of different languages will be able to connect much easier in the Marketplace on Facebook. The new M Translations will suggest to a user of Facebook’s Marketplace as to whether or not they need the translation of a message, making communication much easier for those from different backgrounds.

Let’s talk AR/VR

  • Oculus 

    CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing that Oculus Go is now available globally.

Oculus Go, the first standalone VR headset is now available and being offered globally as of May 1st, for $199 USD. This headset makes it easier to experience all that VR has to offer within one headset.

  • VR shared experiences and the new apps available for them

Expansion of the VR world is happening, the introduction of new ways to experience it is happening now. Oculus Venues are being released and offering users the option to stream live social events and more. Redesigns and more Oculus Rooms will offer new things via Oculus Go, and Oculus TV will give users a virtual big screen TV for individual and group users.

  • The world of 3D

Get excited to share special moments with your Facebook friends in 3D. Users will soon be able to take 3D objects from their News Feed into their Facebook Camera AR experience. Users will also be able to capture 3D photos with their smartphone to share on Facebook.

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