Blogging for Beginners

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So… You’ve been wanting to try out the blogging thing, but you’ve been putting it off because you were really not sure where to start… Well, you’ve come to the right place [or should I say, page]. Whether or not you are in for the fun of writing, or just experiencing new things and sharing with others, there is a lot of opportunity for bloggers and blog marketing in Dallas. Check out some of these great tips on blogging for beginners:

Step 1 is choosing your platform

First off, you need to choose a blogging platform… There are a lot of different options out there. The type of platform you choose, partly depends on the type of blog that you are thinking about doing. WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc., depending on the type of customization you want, the price that you are willing to pay [or not], the theme you are going for, the audience you are envisioning, etc., can all factor in on the type of platform you decide on.

Step 2 is choosing web hosting for your blog

So, depending on how serious you are about this blogging thing, you can choose a self-hosting option or a free alternative. If you’re just starting out and trying to get a feel for if this blogging thing is for you, you might want to test the waters with one of the free options. If you have been-there-done-that, then maybe you’re ready to choose a host, because unfortunately, the freebies do have a few downsides…
The downsides of using a free alternative are…

You can’t choose your own domain name. This is the web address [URL] of your blog, and it will be something like “nameofyourblog”, or whichever platform you’ve decided on. I will admit, it is pretty fun having a website with a domain of your choosing… like, “your name”… I mean, come on, it’s pretty neat.

Limitations… Unfortunately, when you use free options, you are limited as to what all you can post, how much you can customize, etc. In many cases, you won’t have access to themes, etc. It’s a little bit more difficult to make the blog look how you want it.

It’s not entirely your blog… Okay, so, it is YOUR blog, but you don’t actually own the rights to it. Whoever owns the platform technically has a right to just delete it. Can you imagine, all of your writing and hard work just disappearing?

Step 3, is deciding on, and focusing on a particular theme

Frankly, the most successful blogs are the ones that are focused around one particular theme; whether it’s food, travel, happiness, animals, hiking, camping, fishing, sports, etc., it really should have one designated topic it encompasses. People like to follow blogs when they know what they can expect from them; they like to be excited and surprised by a new post, but they like it to be something that they already know they’ll be interested in. Stay on top of things, keep your content very time-relevant… the newest in this, or the innovation of that.

Step 4 is designing your blog

In light of a focused-theme in terms of content, it’s also important to keep the aesthetic characteristics of the theme in focus as well. Many of the themes that come with platforms, such as WordPress, will take care of the aesthetics for you, just make sure they are in line with your blog’s overall theme. Don’t start a blog about low-carb recipes, and pick a theme covered with kittens

In any case, blogging is a fun and modern way to market your business. With the way in which our world is quickly turning digital, it’s important to find new and innovative ways to keep people interested in your company, and to be able to show them what you have to offer. You probably won’t be able to find all the information you need about running a blog for your company, by just reading blogs… Sometimes, you’ve got to turn to the digital media experts. If you are located in the area, and in need of a Dallas digital marketing agency, or interested in how Dallas social media marketing can grow your business, we can help. Here at Tech-Critic, we’re excited about innovation and success, and we’d like to show you what your business is capable of. So, make your way over to our contact page… We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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