Beyond Search: Other Online Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

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Business  concept: touchscreen smartphone with stock market applMost business owners and marketers in Texas know the value of search marketing, and when many small business owners begin an online marketing campaign, SEO and AdWords are the first priorities.

Of course, this makes sense, since these days when a consumer wants to find a new business, Google is the first place they’ll turn. However, business owners should be aware that there are many valuable online marketing activities outside of just SEO and AdWords. Running a complete and multi-channel online marketing effort will ultimately yield better overall results. In this post, we’ll cover some other key online marketing channels, and what business owners can do to get started.

  • Email Marketing. One of the earliest forms of web marketing, email marketing remains a mainstay of overall digital marketing success. Email allows business owners to connect directly with past customers and other business contacts, and deliver deals, promotions, and updates about the business. An effective email marketing program will allow you to grow the lifetime value of each customer and encourage repeat visits.
  • Social Media. Social media gets a ton of buzz within the marketing community, but some business owners are still slow to adopt social media marketing strategies. The reality is, however, that social is a key component of an online marketing initiative. Like email, social media can be useful in keeping customers coming back.  Social also encourages word of mouth referrals, which for many small businesses are a key tool for new customer acquisition. Finally, social media can have a positive impact on your SEO performance as well, further showing the value of multi-channel marketing.
  • Mobile. More than ever, consumers rely on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads to make local shopping decisions. However, many small business websites don’t have a working mobile version. This can cause customer frustration and lost business. Any business working on developing their web presence should absolutely put mobile within their top priorities.

The takeaway for business owners in Texas should be this: while search marketing will always be a fundamental online marketing channel, enhancing your SEO campaign with other, complementary efforts is key to building an effective overall web presence. If you’d like to learn more about multi-channel online marketing strategies, the Tech-Critic team can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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