Bad Marketing or Good Strategy: Samsung vs. Apple

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Apple-vs-samsung-bad-marketing-good-strategy-digital-marketing-seo-tech-criticInnovation and creativity is key to the success of any business. When I say “success,” I mean the type of success that you read about in business articles of a company increasing its revenue by a couple hundred percent from one year to the next. No, I’m not talking about shady practices that will have the government knocking at your door. I’m talking about game changers in an industry, such as an Apple or an Amazon. Speaking of the former, the new 6S and 6S Plus are upon us, the every-other-year iteration of its “base” model makes its way to stores on 9/25. A way Apple is keeping its products relevant is by rolling out features that are ahead of its competitors, such as utilizing the new A9 processor, the baddest, fastest smartphone processor on the market. It’s cool and all to upgrade megapixels to take better selfies, but what Apple gets right above all else is consumer need. The consumer need for speed.

The UI on Apple products is clean, crisp, and above all else, fast. Competitors, namely Samsung, roll out awesome devices too, but the U.S. market continues to favor Apple. What is a company to do in this case? Enter Plan B. The tried and true, “If you can’t beat them, join them” methodology. By “join them,” I don’t mean merging; but rather, copying. It seems that Samsung is always in the news for replicating a new Apple feature. Whether it’s the beveled edge design, or the iPhone Upgrade Program, or most recently announcing their variant of Apple Pay, “creatively” named Samsung Pay. Samsung is clearly more than happy to ride Apple’s coattails to success because they’ve realized that the barrier to entry in this industry is so high that only a handful of viable competitors exist, thus they don’t need to be creative and innovative in their strategies to stay afloat. They take the working model from Apple, put their spin on it, and get it in front of their consumers, even if most of those consumers know about Samsung’s infringing ways. Because hey, what Samsung knows better than most is that any publicity is good publicity. According to comScore, Samsung has a very healthy 30% U.S. market share to Apple’s 43.5%. Even if they risk a lawsuit here and there from Apple, they can afford it. To them, it’s all a cost of doing business.

Now unless your business is in this echelon of brands, chances are you need to be always innovating your business process to remain ahead of the pack. Because, again, more likely than not, you probably have a lot more competitors than Apple and Samsung on a local or national level. That means it’s time to get creative! You don’t have time to be creative you might say? You’re not alone, because according to Econsultancy, 77% of companies are planning to increase their digital marketing budgets. The highest demand is the need for content marketing. Big brands are dishing out their message in a plethora of ways and it’s making it seemingly impossible for SMBs to keep up. That’s why when you partner with a digital agency such as your friends at Tech-Critic; all that responsibility is left to us. By providing email marketing for customer engagement and retention, video marketing, or social media management, companies can focus on other aspects of business processes and leave the creative stuff to the creative folks. It’s clear that digital marketing and advertising is overtaking its traditional counterpart and implementing mobile strategies is now imperative for success, so contact us today and let Tech-Critic provide the creative strategy your business needs for success!

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