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Crafting Your Buyer Persona

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A Buyer Persona Will Help Your Business Target the Right Audience The purpose of a marketing campaign is to market your business’s services and products to a target audience. This audience is specifically targeted because they represent potential consumers that are likely to convert whenever …

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Is Email Marketing Efficient?

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Email Marketing Is Still Vital As digital technology and the internet continue to improve, the more marketers are adapting their strategies. While print media still has a place in marketing campaigns, its importance has drastically diminished. Social media and digital advertising have taken prominence in …

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Tips for Working from Home

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Many Americans Continue to Work From Home Throughout most of 2020, the world has been struggling with the spread of a global pandemic. COVID-19 made its presence felt at the tail end of 2019 and quickly spread throughout the entire world. The novel coronavirus continues …

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New Executive Order on Social Media

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President Trump’s New Executive Order Could Alter the Future of Social Media For many years, social media platforms have functioned as a way for people all over the world to connect and interact with one another. Even people thousands of miles apart can interact. Users …

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What is Quibi?

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Quibi is the New Streaming Service on the Block In recent years, more and more companies and brands have been creating their own streaming platforms. YouTube and Netflix have existed for some time, and Hulu has found itself as a leader in the streaming world. …

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National Download Day – December 28th

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Apps Continue to Improve Every Day Over just a couple of decades, the way we use telephones has drastically changed. For the longest time, we could only make phone calls from the comfort of our home when no one else was on the line. Traditionally, …