Attention all marketing majors: Are you looking for a fun summer internship?

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attention-all-marketing-majors-are-you-looking-for-a-fun-summer-internship-tech-criticSummer is finally here, and although the sun is out, along with school, it is the perfect opportunity for you to add a ton of value to your resume with a summer marketing internship. Internships are great for multiple reasons. They give you a chance to get some experience in your field of study; you will be amazed at how awesome it feels to be able to hands on apply the knowledge you have learned in your degree, to real life situations in the business world. It is a nice feeling to get reassurance that the theories, strategies, and skills that you have been learning are useful, and being able to apply them in real life (at an internship) is way more exciting than having to apply them in the answer to a test question. If you are planning on applying for a marketing summer internship, there are some things that you should know and be prepared for ahead of time.

When looking for a summer internship, here are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a company:

What is the workplace environment like?

Is this relevant to the line of work you want to follow into?

Will you be positioning yourself successfully for your future career decisions?

Will you be able to really learn and gain experience here?

Will you be opening a door for the possibility of a full-time position?

And here are some of the things that companies look for when hiring an intern:

Work ethic

When you are applying as an intern, usually there is a lack of experience – after all, that is one of the most important reasons to do an internship, to gain experience! – So, because there is a lack of experience, you really need to emphasize the various good qualities that you have and show eagerness to display whilst in the working environment. Companies want to hire an intern that displays the characteristics of a responsible, hard-working, tolerant, and adaptable worker.

Eagerness and excitement

If you walk into an interview monotone and with an attitude that you would rather be anywhere else in the world, we can promise you, you won’t get the job. A company wants to hire an intern that is eager to learn, willing to work hard, and excited to have the opportunity to gain some experience.

Extra tip: Also, always be extremely prepared before an interview, know the company’s history, what their vision and goals consist of, and be prepared to sell yourself as to why they need you in particular for this internship position. Remember, they will most likely have a multitude of applications on their desk, so you need to try and stand out.


Companies really like an intern that will be flexible and adaptable when it comes to the job, but they also like a little focus, someone who knows what they like to do and what they are good at, and someone who is interested in contributing that to the company. Basically, you should still have a bit of your own point of view.

Skills, Knowledge, and a willingness to learn

It will obviously not be expected that you will have all the skills necessary for a position, that is of course why you are applying for an internship, to gain more skills and experience. But, it is nice for the employer to hear about some of the skills you do have. Whether or not they are directly applicable to the position or to marketing, various skillsets can usually always be applied in one way or another to leverage your value at a company.

Maturity and poise

Companies understand that this is usually a first-time or early-on thing for you, but they still would like to see a bit of poise, maturity, and initiative. You need to act professional, even if it is a laid-back environment and many of the employees behave in a similar laid-back manner, this does not give you the go ahead on wearing jeans, chewing gum, and talking about how many beers you can drink without passing out. Rise above, come off as mature and professional and display to them qualities that will imply the same type of care and dedication to your work.

Don’t forget to relax! Internships can be really enjoyable and fun, especially marketing internships. Follow these guidelines and land an awesome internship this summer. If you’re looking for just the right internship at a marketing company in Dallas, here at Tech-Critic, we’d be excited to have you! Jump into DFW marketing with us, make your way to our contact page and get in touch today.

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