Are Your Conversion Rates Being Impacted by Your Website Colors?

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Conversion-rates-being-impacted-by-web-colors-Tech-Critic-Dallas-Texas-Digital-Marketing-AgencyThere is plenty of information out there regarding the impact of color and how different shades can have varying psychological effects. Think about it – if you want to brighten up a space, you typically choose warmer colors, like hues of yellow, whereas if you are going for a more relaxed, toned down vibe, you opt for cooler colors like greys, blues, and purples. Many people don’t realize this, but color impacts us in more ways than we realize, day in and day out. As it is often the case, we don’t always realize when a color is speaking to us or changing the way we view something. However, research indicates this is happening all the time.

At this point you may be wondering where we are going with this, or how it plays a role in digital marketing and brand development. According to a recent study from QuickSprout, 90 percent of all product assessments have something to do with color. In fact, the same study claims that 85 percent of the reason someone decides to buy a product has to do with color. Again, this may not always be a conscious realization, but the facts are there. When an individual sees a color, their eyes send a signal to the hypothalamus, which is an important part of the brain. The hypothalamus in turn sends a signal to the pituitary gland, then the endocrine system, then the thyroid glands. The thyroid is connected to our hormones, which control our mood swings, emotions, and behavioral patterns. We go through all this to show how the process works and to provide insight to the importance of color and how it can directly impact our mood and decision-making.

Are-your-conversion-rates-being-impacted-by-your-website-colors-tech-critic-dallas-texas-digital-marketingChoosing the Right Colors

It’s safe to say color psychology isn’t always brought up when designing and configuring a new website, right? Sure, you have certain colors you think would work best for your brand and graphics, but you probably didn’t necessarily choose these colors because of how they will emotionally impact a visitor. That being said, it may be time to change your tune and start looking at color in a whole new light. Many industry experts have begun to put more stock in color than ever before – especially in regards to conversions and ROI. When it comes to the color scheme of a given website, it will go a long way to sit down and think about how the headline, borders, backgrounds, buttons, popups and so on will come across to your visitors. Not only is the font and style important, but so is the color.

We encourage you to take the below color tips into consideration and give a little more thought into the colors you choose next time you are building a website or trying to sell a product. Chances are you won’t be able to please everybody, but by taking the time to understand your audience and the colors they are drawn to, you will likely see higher conversion rates and more traffic. Here are a few helpful color tips to keep in mind:

  • Know your target audience – Women respond better to blue, green, and purple over grey, orange, and brown. On the other hand, men like blue, green, and black, but not purple, orange, or brown. As you can see, there is a bit of crossover on some of the colors, particularly blue and green. This is not to say you should make your entire website different hues of green and blue, but it you are trying to reach both men and women, it may be a good idea to integrate these colors in some capacity.
  • Gain your visitor’s trust – There are many ways to do this, such as by providing relevant, informative content and establishing a dialogue with your potential customers. Yet another way to encourage trust is to by using shades of blue on your website. As you will probably notice after reading this, blue is one of the most used colors on websites, and this isn’t just a coincidence.
  • Think about your product and purpose – There are some colors that our brain automatically connects to differently. Yellow often warns of a hazard, green is typically connected to environmental and outdoor products, orange evokes fun-loving feelings (so you may not always be taken seriously), and black creates a sense of richness and luxury.

We hope you now have a better idea of how important color is to your website, product, and brand. To learn more about the psychology of color in regards to conversions, please contact Tech-Critic today. We are the leading digital marketing agency in Dallas and are here for all your branding, blogging, website development, and IT needs.

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