Apple Event: Lot’s of Apple Goodness Announced – iPad Pro, iPhone 6S

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Today Apple put on their annual event where they talk about themselves and announce new products. While most of the rumors came to be and left little room for surprise, it was still exciting stuff. I’ll run through their main announcements below.

apple-watch-tech-criticNew Apple Watches

Apple showed off a few new watches, mainly just colors and bands. Nothing too new or exciting here, but they did announce that watchOS2 would be available on September 16.

iPad-new-Tech-criticiPad Pro

This mega-12.9 incher looks to be a work horse to compete with the latest Windows tablets. Apple is also selling separately an Apple “Pencil”, which is a full-featured stylus. Apple demonstrated the stylus being used with apps like Photoshop, using different pressure sensitivity to pull off various brush strokes. While demonstrating a design mock-up, they showed how easy it was to do using its split-view feature, as if you had multiple monitors to work with. Even Microsoft themselves showed up to demonstrate the power of Office on the iPad Pro.

New Apple TVCapture

Another badly-kept secret, the Apple TV is revamped with a new interface in tvOS. This includes a remote with glass touchpad, motion controls, and Siri voice search. Users can navigate shows and movies while also controlling playback all with Siri. Video game developer Harmonix came on stage to show off Beat Sports, which looks to be a collection of Wii-style games. I thought Apple would take advantage of Harmonix for more than just a Wii-style motion game, but I still believe Apple isn’t a big fan of video games. There’s lots of potential there – Apple is pretty much introducing a game console to a huge audience.

iphone-6s-new-tech-criticNew iPhones with 3D Touch

The new iPhones, dubbed 6S and 6S Plus, don’t look like much – in fact, they look exactly the same. But this time around, Rose Gold is a new color option. On the inside, the iPhones now have Force Touch – I mean, 3D Touch. This allows users to get more textual information from an app by holding down on an icon. For instance, I can “3D Touch” the Instagram app icon to bring up a menu for quickly uploading a shot. It’s a way to navigate faster, but I’d like to see this in person. In my opinion, this helps customize iOS’s more closed-off feel, to allow users to modify their workflow.

So what did you think of Apple’s event? We at Tech-Critic want to get our hands on the new iPad Pro. We are always up to date with the latest in technology, which also allows us to be at the top of our game with Digital Marketing. Stay around for the latest tech news and let us know if we can help you!

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