8 Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Try This Season Dallas

8 Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Try This Season

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8 Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Try This Season DallasHeading into the holiday season means big opportunities for marketers to season up their social media marketing efforts. Adding that seasonal touch to your marketing campaigns can delight your audience and increase your reach. Here are 8 Holiday Social media marketing campaigns to try this season.

  1. Team up with an influencerA quick way to gain followers and extend your reach is to work with influencers in your industry. You can come up with a holiday social media giveaway and partner with influencers to get the word out.
  2. Advent CalendarAn advent calendar is an interactive alternative to growing your post reach. Each day you can reveal an exclusive piece of content to your fans. The content can vary from discounts, to flash sales, to never before seen posts and videos. The goal is to get people interested enough to engage and share your content.
  3. Run a Customer Appreciation CampaignThe holidays make everyone feel good. Feeling good is notorious for also putting us in a giving mood. What better way to be in a giving mood than to show your customers how much you appreciate them via a give-a-way?The key here is to reward the people who share your content the most. You can reward your advocates by creating specific posts for them to share and pick a winner from those who shared correctly. To support the campaign, you can send out emails, mention it on your website or social media pages, and share it online.
  4. Create Social Media Only Holiday DiscountsIf the goal is to grow your social media audience than you might want to promote social media only discounts and deals. In addition to growing your reach on social media this will encourage those who already follow you to remain active and potentially share you with their friends and family.
  5. Create a Holiday BundleFeeling creative? Well, this might be the campaign for you. Creating a special holiday item, service, or bundle, is an amazing way to benefit from the warmth of this year’s holiday season. The goal here is to think about your audience’s pain points, what they like, and then use it to your advantage to develop a paid or free item to appeal to them.
  6. End of Year Round-UpsRound-ups are pretty fun and highly beneficial. They can create a lot of traffic, and it’s a content format that’s easy to digest. It’s really simple to do end of the year round-ups too. Gather your most popular posts of the year which would best fit your target audience and share them.Consider how you can be informative or helpful to your audience. Perhaps you want to go that extra mile and create an infographic of holiday facts related to your business. Or maybe you want to interview people in your industry, like an influencer, and provide some predictions for next year or wrap up this year.
  7. Photo ContestGot a signature product? Run a photo contest where customers can get creative. Setting this up is very simple and you’ll get more brand visibility from it as people share content about your brand.
  8. Get Behind A CausePeople tend to get more charitable during the holiday season. It’s a good idea that you follow suit too. Create a holiday social media campaign and get behind a cause or charity that matter to your brand and your audience. Getting people right in the heart strings is not only a great way to connect with your consumers, but it’s also a great way to help those in need.

Brief Tips for Holiday Social Media Campaigns

The idea of creating a holiday theme campaign is fun and understandably can seem tough to conquer. So here are a few tips to keep in mind as you develop your marketing plan this holiday season.

  • Pin posts to the top of your page on your social media pages. This will keep your posts from being buried by other posts on your page.
  • Change profile and header images to reflect your holiday spirit or campaign.
  • Create campaign specific hashtags you can track to help gauge the performance of the campaign.
  • Use social ads to increase your reach.
  • Include easy ways your participants can share your campaign on your website landing page or social media pages.
  • Track your campaign results to benefit future campaigns.

It’s best you get started on your holiday campaigns ASAP. Forty percent of consumers in the US start holiday shopping as early as October. Need a little help to get started? Contact Tech Critic today and we can get you a nice seasonal campaign going just in time to grow your customer base.

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