7 ways to boost conversions on your website

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So, you’ve increased your website traffic, which is great, but unfortunately, high website traffic numbers without correlating conversion rates aren’t worth much. Here’s how we’ll explain it, check out the below scenario.

There are two sites. Both sites are selling the same line of pet supplies. Site A has a beautiful website layout and design, perfectly placed keywords, and receives traffic on average of 1,000 visitors per month.  Site B also has a beautiful web design and layout, and receives on average 300 visitors per month. Both sites have sought out a DFW web design company, and they’re asking how would you recommend that they increase their revenue? Well, most people would answer this question in that, in the case of Site B, they need to increase their website traffic; but an expert web design company would say that both websites will benefit in higher revenue by increasing their conversion rates.
Maybe we should take a step back, you might be asking, what exactly is a conversion rate anyways? Your conversion rate is basically how many times your site viewers convert viewing into an action. This can mean different things for different businesses, from filling out a form, signing up for a newsletter, becoming a member, calling a phone number, clicking on an ad, to directly buying a product. It’s a step that a site user takes to be a level closer to increasing revenue or to actually increasing revenue. So, let’s take a look at 7 ways to boost conversions on your website…

Number 1: Keep it clear & simple.
As you may have heard or learned before, cluttered pages and useless content is a big NO, NO. Make what you are offering very clear.

You need to tell them why they should buy from you.

Having too many options can be overwhelming. If you are offering  plans or packages, keep the number of available options somewhat limited.

Keep your call to action CLEAR, in sight, understandable, and inevitable.

Keep the conversion processes simple and short as well… If it starts getting too complicated or requires too much time or information, it is likely that you will lose that conversion.

Number 2: Give them an incentive…
Try offering a deal via a little pop up message when a viewer first enters the site… For example, “Save 20% on your purchase if you buy in the next hour, just enter your email below to receive your coupon code” … Works almost every time…

Number 3: Give them [payment] options
Many people turn away from a site if they don’t have the most convenient payment option available for them. Being online, it is important that you offer a widespread availability of payment options that online shopping requires.

An extra tip: Many customer’s automatically gain more trust for a site when they see that the site offers payment via PayPal.

Number 4: Don’t require registration
People don’t want to take any unnecessary steps and that’s just how it is. People are a bit lazy when it comes to this kind of stuff and they want the process to be simple, quick, and easy. Forcing them to register makes them feel caged and can turn them off from committing to the next conversion step.

Number 5: Show them reviews and testimonials
One of the most vital characteristics of a successful business and brand is credibility and trust. If visitors see positive reviews and testimonials from other consumers, they will immediately gain more trust and see your brand as more credible.

Number 6: Keep it high quality
If you don’t have high quality images, etc., then why should a potential consumer assume that you have a high-quality product?

Number 7: Figure out what works best for you
It’s going to be a matter of trial and error. The best way to figure out what exactly works best for you and your brand is to try things and out and see what the numbers say.

There is a lot involved in the various strategies of digital marketing, and really, it’s a full-time job. Many companies start out attempting to manage all of their digital marketing themselves and soon learn that it’s just too much to try and juggle while also running their business; there is just too much information, and it can be pretty overwhelming. If you have found yourself here, you may be looking for a web design company in Dallas, well, look no further. Here at Tech Critic, our innovative and creative team of experts are excited to help you with your digital marketing needs. Head over to our contact page today, and let’s get started!

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