5 Ways to Write Better Emails

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5-ways-to-write-better-emails-Tech-Critic-Dallas-TexasIt is quite surprising how many people aren’t aware of proper email etiquette. However, the person on the receiving end can make a pretty quick snap judgment of the person sending the email based on that etiquette or lack of. It’s incredible how much time we spend during our workday reading and responding to emails. By taking the time to improve how we write our emails we will be making many people’s days much easier as well as make ourselves look more professional and respected in the long run.

#1 Keep it short, direct, and to the point

Let’s be honest, time is money. Especially when you are dealing with work emails. The person on the receiving end will be extremely appreciative if you keep your emails short, direct, and to the point. Regardless of who the email is for or what the email is about, this is an important rule to follow. It is especially important when you are engaged in email marketing in Dallas. People will rarely put time into an email that they think is just an advertisement.

#2 Try not to use open-ended questions

Don’t beat around the bush by hinting or suggesting, if you want a yes or no answer, give the person a yes or no question. Instead of saying, “I feel that maybe…” or “What does everybody think?” but more so, “If you agree, reply yes, and I’ll proceed, if not, let me know and we can discuss it further.” This is another way of getting to the point and this way there is likely to be less confusion in reaching conclusions and agreements.

#3 Be kind

Consider the number of emails a person may have to read and respond to in a day. Maybe try and lighten yours up a bit so that reading and responding to yours is less of a “chore.” If you must include criticism in your message, make sure it is constructive and respectful. Try and make the email a little bit more personal, use their name, wish them well at an upcoming event, congratulate them on a job well done, etc.

#4 Triple check your email

We very easily read over mistakes in emails, especially our own. That is why it is so important to reread your email, at least twice, maybe three times to ensure there are no grammatical mistakes or miscommunications.

#5 Add the email address (recipient) last

This is a tip that you may have already tried in the past but ensures that you won’t accidentally send a very important or sensitive email before it is finished. Write your email, double or triple check your email and make sure it is 100% ready to send, and then add the email addresses of whom you wish to send it to. Don’t forget to double check the email addresses are correct as well, especially since many email programs automatically enter the email address after the first few letters are typed.

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