5 Ways Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Legal Practice Online Tech Critic Dallas

5 Ways Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Legal Practice Online

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5 Ways Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Legal Practice Online Tech Critic DallasThe internet puts the world at everyone’s fingertips. For law professionals, this is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of this always connected world and grow a client base for your law practice.  We are going to show you 5 ways digital marketing can grow your legal practice online.

Attract Clients With A Responsive Website

93% of consumers go online to find a local business. This means having a website is essential to your law firm. Your website should be able to provide prospective clients information about who you are, what you do, and how you can help. Also, your website should be easy to navigate, mobile friendly, look nice, and authoritative.

When all goes according to plan, your website will have your law practice looking like the leading authority on all things law. In an instant gratification world such as the internet, a little authority can go a long way which brings me to my next point.

Turn Your Firm Into A Thought Leader

Prospective clients want to work with brands who have authority. A way to gain more authority on your website is to create informative content in a video or a blog. A blog may seem inconsequential, however a blog does the following:

  • Educates prospective clients on what your firm does.
  • Helps establish dependability and trustworthiness by publishing regularly.
  • Develops a voice for your law practice.
  • Attracts inbound links to your website to add to your credibility.
  • Turns your law practice into a thought-leader for your industry.

A blog does a lot for your law practice in regards to developing an image. Growing into an authority certainly attracts prospective clients who may in return leave happy reviews.

Use Your Online Reviews To Your Advantage

Prospective customers aren’t going to blindly trust a company. In fact, 66 percent of consumers trust other consumer opinions posted online. So what do we do with this information? Incorporate it into the website via testimonials. User generated content on a website showing what real people think does so much for the image of your legal practice image. To add on to this, check out reviews for your law practice on other websites.

Review sites like Attorneys Lawyer, Avvo, Law Firm Directory, and Lawyers.com are good to places to check for reviews for your law practice. It’s an excellent opportunity to read the experiences of past clients and interact with them. Branding your practice as more human is appealing to prospective clients because it shows a level of honesty and transparency that is easier to swallow than a cold corporate automated response.

Get You Found On Google

Getting found on Google using SEO can be challenging. Especially with trends changing all the time. But with 67K searches being performed on Google per second, it’s easy to see why Google is a vital asset.

Some of the best methods used to get found on google include:

  • Catering your website to mobile users (By 2021, mobile devices will influence $1.4 trillion in local sales).
  • Implementing video on your site (80% of companies in 2020 are predicted to use video marketing).
  • Include images or illustrations (97% of page-1 results have at least one image).
  • Creating informative content (Longer and informative content ranks higher to the front page).
  • Ensuring your web pages load quickly (Sites with faster loading pages ranked higher on google).

From these five points it’s easy to see where trends are going within SEO right now. The most significant being the bulk of your clients coming from mobile searches. Having a mobile friendly site will be useful when implementing video.

Expand Your Reach Using Video

Video is the best way to rapidly expand your client base. One minute of video testimonials is worth 1.8 million words. Videos are the best way to get information about your legal practice because viewers are likely to retain 95% of the information. Not only that, but companies who used videos in their marketing have 27% higher click through rate, aka people who click through their entire website, than those who don’t.

In short, video is one of your greatest assets online. Speaking of short, however, it’s important to keep your videos short. Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds. 

Put Your Trust in a Digital Marketing Agency and Your Clientele Will Grow

Even if you have the knowledge to execute a successful marketing plan, having a digital marketing agency that understands your needs can give you that extra edge over the competition.  At Tech-Critic, we have served the DFW legal community for ten years. We listen to our clients needs and develop a marketing strategy to ensure the success of their Law practice.

Contact us today and get started on a consultation.

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