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4 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Content Calendar

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Once you’ve gotten your social media game up to par, it is time to take a step back and make sure you are as organized as possible. Getting started with social media can be overwhelming, to say the least. In many cases, creating a content calendar for your social media will save you time in the long run. Social media is a big job and can be very time consuming if not done properly.” This is just one of the main reasons why you may find a social media content calendar beneficial. While it is true that every business and individual is different, the fact remains that we could find some use in the various tools and resources out there designed to make this task a little easier. Having a smart social media content calendar in place will give you the opportunity to sit back and come up with a game plan for your social media strategy.

Better yet, having all your content organized and in one place will do wonders for you when it comes to actually implementing this plan. This calendar – some also refer to it as a template – will allow you to make sure all the content you want to share is allocated effectively and will help ensure you aren’t missing anything. Furthermore, you will be able to schedule your posts for the entire month – if you wish – in advance, freeing up extra time for you to focus on other aspects of growing your business. As any social media expert will tell you, it is important to not only have a strong social media presence, but to track your performance and adjust accordingly.

Top Benefits of a Social Media Calendar

A social media content calendar will help you develop your editorial strategy and cut extra time out of your overall content market strategy. Having everything organized in an efficient and straightforward manner will go a long way in helping you keep track of your posts and distribute your resources wisely. Here are a few additional reasons why your business needs a social media content calendar:

  1. Tech-Critic - Social Media Content CalendarIt will help you keep track of which posts are performing better than others. This is perhaps the number one benefit of a social media content calendar, as it will allow you to track which posts are doing the best and receiving the most attention. With this, you will be able to maintain your content quality and consistency better once you see how your posts are performing.
  1. It will keep you from publishing poorly timed posts. Many people do not realize this, but certain times are better for social media posts on different platforms. For example, it is recommended that LinkedIn posts are scheduled earlier in the day than other platforms, as this network is oftentimes used by business professionals who check their page and feed before work. A social media content calendar will give you some insight into your page traffic and see which times are peak and which you should steer clear of.
  1. It helps prevent spamming one social media network and forgetting about the other. By creating a social media calendar, you will no longer have to worry about neglecting certain social media networks in place of others. Your calendar will give you the opportunity to list the social media channels you want to use for each piece of content. If you notice one channel appears to be getting more love than the others, it may have you rethinking your social media promotion strategy.
  1. It will keep you from missing important dates. You will be able to use your social media content calendar to ensure you aren’t missing any important dates to your business. Use the calendar to set up reminders about certain dates – such as when you are starting a big sale or promotion – and also add in holidays that may affect your business.

It is no secret that social media is king these days, which is where our social media marketing team comes in. As a leading Arlington digital marketing agency, we know how important it is for you to be performing well when it comes to social media. With the help of the Tech-Critic team and a smart social media content calendar, you are sure to see an increase in your traffic and, in turn, your sales.



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