4 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014

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2014-new-yearThe new year is fast approaching, and while everyone is preparing for holiday celebrations, savvy marketers are already making plans and strategies for 2014.More than almost every other industry, the online marketing industry is always changing. With so many different trends, players, and challenges, it can be hard to stay on top of the latest best-practices.

Marketers and brands that don’t study the trends risk running campaigns that are not only ineffective, but outright harmful. If you want to avoid wasting your marketing time and money, and run campaigns that really work, you need to stay in touch with the industry.


To help you do this, the forward-facing team of marketeers at Tech-Critic have assembled 4 key trends and projections for 2014. Businesses that best exploit these important developments will be poised to grow and dominate the digital landscape.

  • Mobile Begins to Overtake Desktop. We’ve been hearing about the coming mobile dominance for years, and 2014 could be the year that it finally becomes a reality. For any business that specializes in location-based commerce, and especially businesses like restaurants and salons, mobile traffic could actually start to overtake desktop traffic in 2014. This means that brands and businesses really need to make a serious investment in mobile next year – a mobile-friendly website is not optional.
  • SEO Gets more Important, and Harder. Search traffic has grown year-over-year every year since the days of Alta Vista, and 2014 will be no exception. We’ve reached a point where SEO is deeply ingrained into digital marketing best-practices, and savvy brands will continue to invest in SEO during 2014. However, the landscape isn’t getting any friendlier – recent Google algorithm updates are forcing companies to get more creative and invest more heavily to see real results from search.
  • Social Advertising Continues to Grow. By this point, every business should have some sort of social media presence. (If not, 2014 is the time to start!) However, not every brand is running social ads. However, with both Twitter and Facebook IPOs behind us, these social giants need to monetize, and increasingly, brands need to pay in order to see real traffic from social. We expect investment in new social ad technologies to rise in 2014, both for enterprises and SMBs.
  • Digital Overall Takes a Bigger Cut of Marketing Budgets. TV, print, and out of home – all are taking budget hits to divert a larger spend to digital marketing efforts. This makes sense, of course, given our increasingly connected and web-dependant lives. Tech-Critic would expect that in 2014, as in past years, companies continue to move marketing dollars around to give digital the investment that it needs.

Of course, these are just a few ideas on what will happen during the coming year. The industry is complex and changes fast, but the above trends represent some of the major guiding points that the industry will feel come 2014. If you or your business is looking for help understanding the future of online marketing, or planning marketing strategies for 2014, get in touch with us today, and we’ll tell you everything we know.

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