3 Ways for Local Business to Generate Leads Online

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local-marketing-tipsThere are many businesses that sell products online – the ecommerce industry is worth billions of dollars, and these online shopping companies invest heavily in online marketing programs.

However, local businesses can also leverage the power of the web to drive sales and generate leads. Brick-and-mortar businesses like dentists, doctors, lawyers, and local service providers all have huge opportunities to reach customers online.

Many business owners understand that the web can be a powerful lead gen tool, but may not be sure on how to start marketing online. To help you and your business get started using the web to generate business, the team at Tech-Critic has put together 3 local marketing tips.

  • Claim and optimize your local profiles. There are many online portals where business owners can create an online profile for their business. These portals include places like Yelp, Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, YellowPages.com, and many others. Business owners should visit each of these sites, and try to find their business listing. If it already exists, you can “claim” it, and update the profile with more complete information. If it doesn’t exist, you’ll be able to add your business.
  • Make sure your website is locally optimized. These days, almost every local business will have a website of its own. However, most websites are not well optimized for local search and marketing. Make sure that your full address is available on your site, ideally on every page. Consider adding a map with your location on your site as well – easy to do using Google Maps. Finally, be sure to include local keywords, such as the city you serve, in key SEO areas such as the title tags of your pages.
  • Get mobile friendly. We all know that mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our world. In fact, some analysts predict that mobile internet usage will actually surpass desktop usage in sometime in 2015! Local business owners should be aware that many consumers make local purchasing decisions from their mobile devices, and should build mobile-friendly web presences to accommodate these users. Usually a mobile website is fairly easy to create, and will work for almost all local businesses.

These are just a few tips that should help you grow your business using the web. Of course, the field of online local marketing is very complex, and there’s lots of other techniques you can use beyond these.

As the web continues to grow in importance, more and more local advertising money will be placed into the web, rather than traditional channels such as TV print. To stay ahead of the curve and help grow your local business online, contact the team at Tech-Critic today for a free analysis.

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