3 Eye Opening Holiday Marketing Trends | Tech Critic Dallas

3 Eye Opening Holiday Marketing Trends

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3 Eye Opening Holiday Marketing Trends | Tech Critic DallasAn important part of marketing in Dallas is being able to consistently adapt to the market. You have to keep up with the trends in order to be successful and strategic in your marketing tactics. The holidays are great from a business perspective in that not only are consumers spending more money than usual on services and goods, but this time of the year gives businesses an excuse to spice up their marketing campaigns.

This 2018 holiday season, there are new trends to be recognized and implemented, and if you want to see growth via your holiday campaigns, you will want to keep these holiday marketing trends at the forefront.

  1. Christmas shoppers are procrastinators & the shopping doesn’t end after Christmas
    While businesses are prepared for the holidays, consumers are not. Often businesses start their holiday deals and campaigns well ahead of Christmas, but the stats imply that maybe you should do otherwise.Christmas shoppers are big-time procrastinators, and a large majority of them put off their Christmas purchases until the last minute. While many begin browsing early on in December, they often don’t commit to their purchase until around the week before Christmas day. It is because of this that we have seen around a 120% increase in mobile searches on “same-day shipping” in the last 3 years.

    Another time-relevant trend to consider is that shopping doesn’t end after Christmas. In fact, just as many consumers are busy shopping in the time from after Christmas day until New Year’s Eve as they are the rest of the days of December (not including Christmas week). Keep this timeline in mind when implementing your marketing campaigns, that while you should be prepared, you should also consider some last-minute and post-Christmas tactics this year.

  2. Mobile -shopping is leading the way
    If you have kept up with your marketing knowledge at all, you know that online mobile browsing has been trending and growing for a while now. The truth is that this trend is only continuing to get bigger and bigger and more and more consumers are doing their Christmas shopping right from their smartphone device. Consumers are not only doing their research (price comparisons and products) as well as making the purchases directly from their device.
  3. Social media marketing leads consumers right to your product
    It’s important to remember who the consumer is when it comes to your marketing campaigns. Who the consumer is creates for the biggest impact as to where you should implement your campaigns. With the immense amount of time that consumers spend on social media, this makes it the perfect platform for you to utilize your advertising and marketing tactics this holiday season. This is especially prominent among the millennials and Gen Xers. Advertising your products or services on social media gently nudges the consumer in the right direction when they happen to scroll past it on their feed. 

Keep these important holiday marketing trends in mind this year when creating your campaigns, and consider turning to the experts if you really want to push growth this December. When it comes to digital marketing in Dallas, here at Tech Critic, we know our stuff. If you are looking to see results with your marketing in 2018, reach out to our team today and we will help you achieve that growth you desire.

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